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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Target London Rescue 12-Pack Pricing Real

Well, the tag certainly looks like it should be a nationwide sale …

“Brian T.” suggests you might ask them for a price match?

“Can’t believe that no one else has found these at $32.99 ??? I had to snap this this evening and Include the photo evidence for the Nay sayers.
Oh well, just means that when they do finally hit the clearnce it will be a deep thirsty clearance.
BTW – the Target $1.99 on cars is good through the 15th too (and no one will price match without the ad unless you know people and they price match off of receipts and yes some stores will – but FYI according to a good source from Target all Targets have IPADS at their customer service desk (to look up and verify) and have been instructed to match any price on  any item on-line or otherwise from a competitor –
……..and if anyone hasn’t been able to find the new cards yet they should be able to get a raincheck without a problem……. I plan on getting one two three or maybe a hundred. (even if, and unlike K-mart, there is still inventory on the shelf –  Target actually realizes that you may not want the last pink rhino throw that is on the shelf just because it is on sale.”

Thanks for the heads up & photo, “Brian T.”


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