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Great Disney Store News: What Could be Better Than CARS Frank the Combine Coming Back?

What could be better news than Disney Stores Frank the Combine coming back?


The Tractor Tipping Deluxe Die Cast Box Set.

Frank is back and he’s madder than ever!

This LIMITED EDITION Box Set will ONLY be available ONLINE and at the NYC Times Square Disney Store in mid-November.

Not only do you get the beautiful and HEAVYWEIGHT SOLID DIECAST Frank the Combine but 3 Tractors of varying designs (all heavyweight metal diecast also) plus Lightning & Mater …

I never thought a $59.50 box set would be underpriced but it’s a bargain!

Pretty sweet!

We’ll post a direct link as soon as it’s available …

Update – NOW ONLINE & Available.

Photos of Frank the Combine – newly sprung way back in 2009.

Is he in scale? Tale of the tape.

And all the Franks, mock Frank’s and Franks for nothing.

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  • Unixed says:

    Tipping Tractor Deluxe Set is officially sold out.

    Way faster than I had expected.

  • gallacus says:

    I’m not sure when it became available, but Frank is now on the DS site!!! I got mine, good luck everyone!!!

    • gallacus says:

      Here’s the official T5 link:

      Sorry if it doesn’t work, I’m working from my phone. You can just go to the Disney Store site and search for tractor.

      • Chase_Collector says:

        You can use the code DVC10 to get 10% off too 🙂

        • Unixed says:

          You are awesome! I am trying to return my order now and repurchase it.
          The online support is not too helpful. They are saying that my order is locked or something strange. This saves me sales tax which adds up quickly.

      • tiki-mon says:

        Thanks guys for the heads-up! Got my Frank! Finally! Now, I wonder if there’s going to be some kind of special on this LE set.

        • Unixed says:

          After reviewing the description on DisneyStore.com and other facts, like the ability to purchase an unlimited amount, I am leaning away from the stance that this is a LE set.

          Normally DS will not allow you to place more than one or maybe two of a limited item inside your cart. I was able to add 4,850 sets to my cart without issue. I did notice that once I hit the 4,850 mark the item disappeared from the site as available, but then my cart was automatically modified moments later by reducing the qty to 49 items instead of 4,850. It was strange. But anyways, back to the point, I have a feeling that they made 5,000 sets or more of this item. Would that still allow this item to be considered LE?

          • gallacus says:

            The Mia and Tia set says 1 of 5000 right on it, so I’d say if there are indeed only 5000 then this is a limited edition set. It is odd that they wouldn’t market it as such, though. Seems like a favor to the collectors out there.

    • Unixed says:

      I woke up and decided to check. I was ordering mine when this was posted. I have no idea why today, but who cares, it’s here now.

      I wonder how many they have and how long it will take to sell out. My guess is sometime next week they will be sold out. This set is awesome!

      • spj08 says:

        Saw your emails this morning and got him too…thanks for the heads up
        I had checked at midnight and he was not there 6 hours later my xmas shopping is now complete…..thanks again everyone

  • spj08 says:

    Any updates on the release date for this box set ??

    • Unixed says:

      DS seems to update their website on Monday mornings. With that, my money is on the 19th or Black Friday. This is just speculation. I would have assumed that they would have released it today. But it seems as if they are attempting to release the new products closer to Black Friday.

      • gallacus says:

        Still not on the DS site, looks like we’re waiting for Black Friday 🙁

        • Unixed says:

          I concur. I was greatly disappointed this morning when I checked.

          Now the game, when will DS update the site for Black Friday? Will it be in the middle of Thanksgiving or at midnight or . . . ? Last year they went online Friday morning at midnight PST.

          I am sure they will sell out very, very quickly. Especially being a LE.

          I have made numerous attempts to contact the Time Square DS with no success. They never answer their phone. I also contacted guest relations trying to squeeze out a date, again, no success.

          • spj08 says:

            I am totally stressing out about this….this is the last thing i need to make my kids xmas awesome…all he talks about is Frank and the Tractors…i just really hope i dont miss it

        • tiki-mon says:

          Ahh… I don’t know if they would put something so popular on Black Friday. Aren’t Black Friday deals super good deals? Wouldn’t they want to release it earlier or later, so they can sell as many as they can at full retail?

          I think we need to check DS’s site everyday, and not leave anything to chance.

          If this set debuts Black Friday with a door-buster price, I doubt if it’ll still be in stock on Saturday… unless they planned it as a Black Friday special.

          • gallacus says:

            I’m a little confused as well. I thought the point of Black Friday deals was to advertise the heck out of your deals to build up demand. How could this be a black Friday deal if it hasn’t even been announced? The only people who even know this is coming are the readers of this site.

          • Unixed says:

            I don’t think it will be a Black Friday “Deal”. I think they are just going to update the DisneyStore.com site all at once.

            I have noticed that no new product have been listed online for about 3 weeks. One exception to this statement, Rip Clutchgoneski was re-listed (sold out very, very quickly). But remember, he was just a re-release, not a truly new item with a new SKU.

            The reason I do not believe they will be cheaper than list price is because DS coupons exclude LE items. With that said, it might be a push to drive numbers as high as possible to publish to impress the DS investors. Just a theory. I do hope I am wrong and that they are sold prior to BF. I would rather it not be a competition of who can stay up the latest.

  • sallychula says:

    I will take it!! 🙂

  • Carsstrike01 says:

    This does look like a really cool set but. Mattel would never think about this.

  • D J says:

    From all the reviews about Frank, i’d be nice if his combine didn’t break as easily now. I think Lightning should be a little more happy, but with this set it works pretty good. Boooo Mater.

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    Once again, Mattel wouldn’t give us this in a million years 🙁

    But luckily I have the Mattel Frank so that doesn’t really effect me…

  • Dunroamin says:

    DS Frank is the best diecast from the Disney store…

  • bubba101212 says:

    Can’t wait for this! This and other other Mega set they just came out with (saw in person, it’s pretty sweet). Just waiting on the sales.

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    Can’t wait for this set, we don’t have a white tractor and we could always use another frank. I just hope it doesn’t sell out before we can get one.

  • DDD says:

    Frank was $20 and the individual cars averaged $5.50 (five would be $27.50), so this is a pretty consistent price. (It must be huge, and also very heavy! I can see why they don’t want to put it in the stores.) It’s also a chance to get a white tractor…I have Frank and one each of the two colors of tractors, so I won’t be getting it, but it’s a great set, the crazy Mater notwithstanding!

  • Dekoy says:

    25% off is coming instore and online from November 8th to the 12th, let’s hope these land in that period.

    Also, Black Friday should promise anywhere from 20-30% off everything instore and online for at least the first few hours of the morning.

    Finally, you can save also if you are planning on buying Brave or Finding Nemo, as these will offer a coupon with a window for saving $10 off $20 or more, or $20 off $40 or more. I believe the pricing (in Canada) is 31.99 for the three disc edition (2 Blus and 1 DVD). Brave is coming out on i belive the 13th, and the coupon can be used for a few days after this.

  • gallacus says:

    Awesome! Is this in the 1:48 size or 1:55?

  • Jack says:

    Obviously a great set. These are the type repeats we don’t mind. However I am suprised at the price though. Not that people won’t pay it but it’s still high for this size set.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    This is a nice set. Well except for crazy eyes Mater. Mattel should hire away whoever designs the Disney Store’s packaging.

    • John in Missouri says:

      The nice thing about Disney Store Mater is not only is he crafted of 100% milk chocolate, but his core is filled with Reese’s peanut butter. Yum!!

  • cac1959 says:

    I have the Disney Store Frank – it is awesome… don’t have the rest of them… but I see this in my future… hopefully they’ll have a special with free shipping, because Frank is heavy… thank you for the great news.

  • nlg510 says:

    Cool,but pass.

  • taylor says:

    Pass…gimme Mattel.

    • tiki-mon says:

      Even if Mattel’s version would be quite smaller? Was there a big version of Frank by Mattel? Or just the small(er) deluxe version only?

      (MET: The largest was the Deluxe version – you can follow the links at the end of the post for some comparison pics).

  • bobbyjack says:

    I have this Frank and the Tractors. But I will get this box set. This Frank is awesome. BobbyJack got this for his 3rd birthday almost 2 years ago. I have been careful with it, and luckily we haven’t broken it yet. Highly recommended if you never got a chance to get this the first time around.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I will definitely buy this in spite of Zombie Mater.

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