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Take Five Housekeeping: Forum Upgrade (UPDATE & REPOST)

Just a quick note – it looks like in the latest upgrade of the forum, they moved a lot of features out of the application – and made them plug-ins including PRIVATE MESSAGING so we will have to go in and add that back in so that’s why it’s not visible. Hopefully in the next day or so, we’ll get everything back to the way it was. Thanks.


I think David. V. was able to roll everything back to the previous versions so everything should be restored, thanks David! Basically, the forum software company decided to move about 10 popular features to a new upgrade section which required a new payment … certainly they are entitled to do it but to not tell anyone … that’s a bit hinckey but everything should look like it did a few days ago.


If you post a NEW TOPIC in the last 48 hours or so, it may have been lost – PLEASE REPOST. Sorry!


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28 June 2012 Internet 6 Comments


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