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Amazon “Never Before on DVD” Section

Several studios have created a line of “on-demand” DVD’s (DVD-R’s) that they create after you order them because they don’t feel there might not be enough in sales to warrant a full retail release. Amazon has gathered up all the releases on one section now.

What are we waiting for?



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28 May 2012 Film 3 Comments


  • DDD says:

    I’m getting an error, Met…can you update the link? Thanks!

    (MET: Should be fixed now – thanks).

    • DDD says:

      Love this…thanks Met! Just picked up “Brothers Karamazov” through your link. Been waiting for a DVD version for years. I’ve scrolled through about a third of these…can’t wait to finish! I’d already bought a few here or there, but to have them all listed together is great!

      (MET: Cool, yea the studios still each have thousands of movies unavailable …).

  • chuki_mama says:


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