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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: New Movie Moments – If You Like Variants

If you like your CARS 2 CARS different different but not too different, then you will love the latest Movie Moments 2-pack releases.

The Darrell Cartrip & Brent Mustangberger looks like there are no changes to the diecast – the packaging has been updated and since this one seems to sell briskly, it’s not a tragic repeat …

The newest CAR is the Acer with helmet. I know some of you might grumble but in addition to the new helmet, they gave him new eye position, new eyebrows and a new expression so all and all, it’s a nice new edition …

His helmet is ginormous …

No, it’s not removeable.

He does look mostly in scale to the Disney Stores Combat Ship

Though technically, he should be on the level with the turret …

And if you like your other releases as variants, Professor Z is one.

The previous release of Professor Z (left) has a black windshield black ring all around … and while in theory, you could argue the new MM release also has a black ring and maybe it just slipped down slightly, the last Professor Z has a nubbin in the center of his windshield – probably his wiper merchanism? – that the current releases does not and if you turn him over …

While his bumpers are still silver when right side up, upside down, they are not extended underneath him as they were in the last release. Plus, his tires are dark black and not gray black … and of course, the factory marks and production info is different … plus they were made at different plants.

The Ka Ciao Lightning McQueen is released way too early – this addition of the bumper sticker is something that would be better as the 200th release of CARS 2 …

But at least he’s a one-piece all metal release. He shares the same expression as one of the other releases (too lazy to look up – party wheels?) which was a 2-piecer so it’s nice and interesting they went to all the trouble to create a new mold with this expression.

(he doesn’t have a dent crease, that’s just a weird shadow).

And if you like any kind of variant, Francesco is the lamest excuse for a variant.*

Yep, you get a silver screw and not a black one … plus the area around the solder is clear of red plastic … so be careful in 5 years when Francesco’s are going for $20k, you don’t overpay for a non-black screw …

* Technically, this is a variant of a variant – line up the backs of Francesco’s, some have an extra green area … so compared to no CARS, these’ll do … and if you’re a variant collector, you can dance in the streets.

Thanks Rob’s Palace of Disney CARS.



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  • cooldude9 says:

    There’s only one thing I can say about these “new” Cars: Acer with helmet is AWESOME!!!

    I know as Luca would say: I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!

  • Bumper Save says:

    At least those “variants” are “new.” Were using a lot of “”‘s these days.

  • Ryan says:

    Those are rivets, not solder 🙂

  • Dunroamin says:

    I have 3 proffessor Z…none of them have the little nubbin…(one does just have the smirk with no teeth…where did the nubbin one come from?

    (MET: Prof Z with teeth has only appeared as an exclusive? 2-pack? When I start the CARS 2 mag checklist, I’ll go back and look at everything but I’m just guessing now).

  • taylor says:

    Doesnt Prof Z have a variant with a smile on his face? i have been looking out but never seen it.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    The McQueen you are comparing the Ka-Caio McQueen to is the Party Wheels McQueen you get in the 5 pack with Uncle Topolino w/ Tires (has a different facial expression on him too!) at TRU. The one in the movie moment has a different facial expression. TOO MANY VARIANTS!!

  • DDD says:

    I think the Professor Z “nubbin” is a coating drip/flaw. None of mine has it. (The black ring variations are a QC thing too I think.)

    Also, none of my Zs has the bumper underpaint…that’s interesting. Mine are like the new one shown, even though they’re from the first waves.

    I do think the black tires are an interesting variation, though probably a casual, even accidental one (?). I wish they’d have finally lost the seam at 9 o’clock on his monocle…it’s made for some tedious searching to find ones that are less accentuated than others. My favorite Z is still the one with the “Whatever” expression that comes with the red Gremlin…that was a worthy variant that made the two-pack repeat less annoying. (It seems like even if you have to keep the mouths the same, eye paint is easy enough to change when they do repeats in multi-packs.)

    Acer with helmet will be really fun (though the Squinkie Acer is more to scale with the DS Tony). I like his new mean, focused eyes and teeth-baring expression!

    • DDD says:

      BTW…my oldest Z is a 2010 “AA” version, and doesn’t have the silver bumper underpaint. Maybe this is an AZ thing, or an interim change?? I also notice that the older AZ version shown has nice detailing around the lower teeth, while the new one has a single red strip across them. My 2010 AA Z has the less-detailed teeth. I need to find an “AZ Z”!!

  • cac1959 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to point out these new variants… as always, a great read.

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