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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Singles CASE D In Hand – The Good, the Bad & The Variant

Singles CASE D Arrives in Hand (well, not my hands but Rob (My 6 Kids) ) who sends along great photos and interesting info:

The US case D matches the original case information (well almost – no London card) – still Italian Porto Corsa design).

EXCEPT it does not look like the Ultimate CHASE program/plan has started.

AND the CHASE RAMONE looks awfully familiar

Yea, he’s a repeat from the last case … Case C if you can remember back that far. DIS-AAAA-POINT-ING! Nice for those who missed out but not the Hydraulic jacked up version.

There are two new CARS …

And now called Victor H.

And at least one major-minor variant …

Rod is on the new no-side diecut cards (as was his release in case B) but he also might be sporting his third paint variant (#1-sparkle blue, #2-matte blue). It seems to be matte blue but is it a different matte blue? More importantly, he is seems to be sporting smaller mirrors. Once I have it in hand, I’ve give you the final word.

Finn McMissile – color variant?

Rob is also saying the Finn McMissile is a different color (new on right).

The Lightning McQueen’s in the cases are a mix of the 1-piece version or the 2-piece version. It’s a lottery pick ’em!

Thanks for the nice pics & info, Rob’s Palace of Disney CARS.

For those in-store buyers, drop us a line when you actually spot any in a store.



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  • Refriedbeans says:

    My TRU just got this case! I was so happy to find RS Ramone!

  • flophunter says:

    theres been nothing to do but look for one piece mcqueen’s and zen w/. at first glance the old rod really nicer production. but the second finn looks better. it might also be the pic on the finn. hope to see theses soon i really want to see the rod. rod is a michigan car (licence plate) we like him a alot.
    happy hunting

  • Tom says:

    Is this the first time a chase car has been repeated in two cases?
    Also, two per case in two cases, doesn’t seem like a true chase. How do they claim 1% of the total?
    Fraudulent, I say.

    (MET: I don’t think they print the 1% claim anymore … I believe the Fred with Bumper Stickers was repeated, am I off base?)

    • slicepie says:

      Met, you’re thinking of Fred with Fallen Bumper. It was released 2 per case but I don’t think it was released in more than one assortment.

      (MET: I’m too lazy to look it up but was Fred with Stickers in a KM case and that WM endcap “special” release? I’m not saying I remember correctly but that seems vaguely the circumstance?).

  • Bumper Save says:

    Nice, new pseudovariants. We love you too Mattel.

    Who says that the Super Chase program hasn’t started yet? Maybe the particular case that Rob got just doesn’t have one. I assume they are not going to be in every case, that would not be Super Chasey.

  • DDD says:

    The original Rod mirrors often got misshapen in the blister pack because they were a little too big. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re a little smaller.

  • Tom says:

    Do Victor and Vlad have the ubiquitous FSHBWL license plate as well?

  • Tom says:

    There may be an ultimate chase, and this case just happened not to contain one, yes?

    (MET: so far, people have reported in total dozens of cases opened, no reports and no eBay …)

  • Tom says:

    Meh, one new casting and a repaint…
    Wake me when it gets interesting.

  • BMW says:

    USA gets a repeat Chase Car.
    Meanwhile in Europe Chase Security Car Murakamiis being found
    and in the Far East collectors are finding Becky Wheelin Chase Car.

    So you have to Chase around the world to get all the Chases, for now.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Snore. Two new CARS, one potentially desirable repaint, and 16 pegwarmers. Victor Hugo I’ll pick up if/when I see one. Vladimir Trunkov, maybe. Already got RS Ramone.

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