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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Slash and IT BURNS!

Walmart insiders report that Mater’s Secret Mission – AKA: Walmart 2-packs have been EOLed – End of Lifed.

While the death of Color Changers is news, it’s a minor blip – this is a bigger story as there were a couple 2-packs scheduled for Fall so presumably they are canceled. Now, it might be that these three below and the CARS scheduled for the 2-packs this Fall will simply move into the mainline “Movie Moments,” 2-packs so it might be more of a packaging change than anything else but it still has implications … in that WM did not want to place a minimum order. There are about 5,000 WM’s (a little less but there’s also Walmart.com so it’s probably accurate) … so if each gets 2 cases of 12, that’s 120,000 2-packs or 240,000 diecast CARS they are not willing to commit to … that’s not to say they won’t still place an order to make up for this but instead of WM saying they will definitely take 240,000 CARS (as 2-packs), they are now saying – maybe – get back to us … and anything that is a cancellation or a pullback or up in the air is certainly not as good as a program or exclusive locked in place …

The WM 2-packs diecasts were not announced so we don’t know if we actually lost a new CAR or a repaint …

Of course, Walmart is not exactly all committed these days …

This sign made very little sense as the toy section was definitely not full so I’m not sure what their plan is … other than maybe – we’re just going to cut open some boxes, go get it yourself?

So now that Color Changers seem to be EOL also.

What’s next?

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  • Tom says:

    Other than Brent and Darrell or Rod and Grem, the MSM 2 packs were the only ones that seemed to sell decently. Mattel is definitely sleeping at the Cars wheel. A lot of missed opportunities here…

  • Jack says:

    This isn’t good. These 2 packs were only out for such a short time. A few of these henchman are going to be really hard to get for collectors who want them going forward.
    Yet again Mattel does wrong by collectors despite their collect them all mantra. Which is near impossible for many collectors with Mattel’s distribution being what it is.
    It’s such a shame that Mattel treats collectors this way. They ruined a good hobby for so many great people.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Yep, just look at how many comments a typical post gets on this site compared to two or three years ago. …and how many collectors we never hear from anymore.

      Met, maybe you’ve posted this before, but what were the 2-packs scheduled for the Fall?

      (MET: The WM ones were never announced …).

      • I-am-speed says:

        Hey John!

        I wouldn’t happen to be one of those collectors that you never hear from any longer, would I?

        I miss the good old days (Cars 1 releases) of getting that adrenaline rush when walking into a store and seeing freshly-filled pegs just waiting to be searched!

        Those days are gone, as Mattel over-marketed the first releases and killed the entire line, leaving stores with hundreds of Finn McMissiles.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    These, when first released, were big Pegwarmers at my Wal-Mart. But since they were never re-released like Zen Master Pitty and Tomber, they eventually disappeared. But of course, this just means the first 2 MSM 2 packs as Fred and Tyler never arrived.

  • BMW says:

    Most of the Mater’s Secret Weapon 2 packs had variants from the single releases.
    Prof Z, Grem, Acer were variants. Then the Fred Pacer versus Fishbowski cards.
    Tyler Gremlin 2 packs seemed to be short packed.
    These were fun.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Yet another “hmmm” moment for Cars 2. Thanks for the scoop.

    • John in Missouri says:

      When George Costanza left the New York Yankee organization, he went to work for Mattel, and is now in charge of the Cars line. And of course, he is doing everything in the opposite…

      Want more of the exclusive Mater’s Secret Mission? END OF THE LINE!!

      Want Townies? NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

      No interest in Action Agents? WE’LL BRING OUT MORE!!

  • BMW says:

    In a way this is surprising. I thought these sold quite well. The Walmart near me has been out of these for months.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Not neat!

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