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Star Wars Phantom Menace “Kids” Trailer … World’s First Anti-Trailer?

Top 10 Thoughts After Viewing This Trailer …

10) This is actually an amazing trailer … they have actually edited the WORST parts of Phantom Menace, AND added a community access channel “funny man,” narrator to explain in 400 words why you need to see Phantom Menace …because it’s so freakin’ complicated.

09) Somehow LucasFilm thought 3 year old kids of 2012 are morons … AND needed a voice over to explain exactly everything going on?

08) Okay, who here raised their hands and said – we want ALL of Jar Jar Bink’s scenes in one trailer? Are you laughing funny man?

07) Or if you want to save a few bucks and dissuade your 4-11 year old not to see this movie (again) … this should do it.

06) This trailer may be the first aimed at an 18-month old? They vaguely understand some of the words you are saying but not all – so this movie will seem really whackadoodle exciting?

05) Is this the world’s first anti-movie trailer?

04) Did Anonymous hack into LucasFilm?

03) MY EYES! MY EARS! Did you want to gouge your eyes and ears out also?

02) Whoever cut this trailer should be barred from using editing equipment EVER again.

01) This makes me want to see TWILIGHT and SEX IN THE CITY 2 back to back to back while being waterboarded.

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6 February 2012 Film 9 Comments


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I’ll just repeat what I said in the earlier Star Wars burger post.

    “I just wish they would ban Episode I from ever being played again.

    It gave us midichlorians, Jar-Jar Binks, a bratty Darth Vader, and they made Liam Neeson into the worse jedi ever.”

    If not outright ban it, then cut it down to just the Darth Maul scenes.

    (MET: Some guy actually edited a version where Jar Jar intros himself, leads them underwater and hen walks around mute … much, much better).

  • sodabear says:

    I loved the first three (eps 4-6), but I thought the Phantom Menace was so bad that I never even bothered to see the next two. I’m sure I’ll eventually watch them with my kids though.

    MET: The problem with “part 2-3” is that you don’t believe any of the action for a minute – it’s so digital and the “stunts,” are so over the top that have no basis in reality … (kind of like in Transformers where buildings are being shredded and giant robots stomp around but yet, no humans get hurt & all out run 10-ton blocks of falling building and rubble) … then add in the “dialogue,” and the acting that passes muster with George Lucas, you have a cartoon animated by robots … we NEVER doubt for a second Wile E’s pain when an anvil falls on his head. 🙂 ).

  • cac1959 says:

    Phantom Menace was my least favorite of the 6… We took our 3 sons to see the very first midnight showing the day that it came out, even though it was a school night (morning)… I got the 6 movie Blu-ray collection for Christmas this year… haven’t opened it yet.

    I don’t anticipate going to see this at the theater… I haven’t seen a movie at the theater since Cars2 in 3D.

    (MET: What? You didn’t line up at midnight to see Adam Sandler dressed as a woman? 😆 ).

  • Mike Manifold says:

    I guess I’ve been shielding Manifold Jr. from Star Wars knowledge, for fear that he will turn away from Cars. It’s hard though, to fight against the heavy marketing. He has already chosen Clone Wars shoes over Cars shoes, and knows the words “R2-D2”, “speeder bike,” and “millenium falcon,” as it is a part of school/playground lexicon. My question is: could my fear be leading me toward the dark side of the force?!

    • bobbyjack says:

      Last time BobbyJack was with me in Target, we didn’t find any new Cars. Got him a L&S R2-D2. Same size as the regular figures but his “eye” lights up and he does a bunch of differant beeps from the movie. He loves it. The Dark Side is hard to resist…

  • John in Missouri says:

    When does the 1977 classic hit the theaters in 3D?

    (MET: I think 2015 … I’m guessing so Jar Jar can walk on the other side of Han 🙄 ).

  • BMW says:

    I thought about getting my grandson a Jar Jar Binks mini-fig as a joke, but he would probably throw it in the trash, and he is a huge Star Wars fan.

  • bobbyjack says:

    My son is actually looking forward to seeing this on Friday. I really enjoyed it when I saw it in the theatre in ’99. I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone said. I watched 20 seconds of this trailer before turning it off. My 4 year old does not need to see this trailer. It might make him not want to see the movie.

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