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All the Super Bowl Commercials YouTube Viewing …

i4U has gathered up all the YouTube links to all the Super Bowl ads

Pretty weak year for ads. I think I only really laughed at the ETrade Baby Game Day one – stupid yes, but I laughed.

The Dictator was stupid-funny. Trailer funny but for an entire film?

The Met Life was cute with the cameos … and the Honda Ferris Bueller was worth it.

The Clint Eastwood Chrysler was nice …

The Best Buy was a good idea and concept but maybe it was just a little hurried to squeeze in all the innovators in :30 seconds but a good concept.

Most of them were pretty random and could’ve pretty much sold anything from foot deoderant to blasting caps for all the money they spent on them.

And Pepsi Max, isn’t that about the 387th time you’re going to the well that Coke drivers buy Pepsi products?

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6 February 2012 Advertising 2 Comments


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