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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: 2 Variants to Know If Your Store Got Anything New

If you’re curious if your store got anything new, here are two quick tests – if you find these variants on the store shelves, the store you are standing in has gotten in some newer cases …

1-Piece Lightning McQueen …

1-Piece Lightning McQueen is available in singles case B (but not case C).

And the last variant you might expect?

Yep, Zen Master Pitty v2.0 with mustache.

It is pretty easy to miss as you do have to look in the packaging very closely.

Thanks for the photos, “David V.”

And of course, if you find 2-piece LM and Zen Master Pitty without ‘stache but the cards and pegs look full, sorry – they are still working their way through the cases in the back room.


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  • D J says:

    I laughed,as i was not expecting the random mustache to appear! unique, but not my cup o’ tea.

  • John says:

    Since this post I’ve been looking at Zen Master pitties for the first time in many, many months. (boy are there a lot of them) So far I have not seen any with the mustache. Too bad ’cause Target has the 2-packs on closeout for $3.89.

    He does not have a mustache on the package art, did he have one in the movie?

  • John in Missouri says:

    Is that a photo of new Zen Master Pitty? If so, I don’t see a mustache.

  • Bumper Save says:

    Neat? One more I have to get in a TwoPack, new zen Master.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Well I finally broke and checked the toy aisle at walmart for the first time in about 4 months. The Cars section had around 20 Ramones and 20 Petrovs. Surprisingly no McQueens or Finns. A handful of Double Decker Bus, Sumo Wrestler, and Finn deluxes. A ton of Action Agent junk, and about 10 of the playsets with the Japanese billboard truck. All the launchers and 2-packs were cleared out and gone. The finish line frenzy games with silver McQueen were $4.

    Glad to see Zhu Zhu Pets being cleared from existence. All playsets were $3, and hamsters were $1. Hard to believe people were paying up to $30 ea. for these a couple years ago.

    I did end up buying a Trunk Fresh launcher for $3. Unless they bring out a ‘Classics’ line, that will probably end up being my last Cars purchase.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Is carded 1-piece McQueen only being found from 2012 case B, and not in previous cases?

    • BMW says:

      Mike, can’t say for sure if the 1 piece is in earlier cases, but I saw both versions on the pegs at the same time at TRU just before Christmas.
      The one piece has a later date code if I recall.

      • Mike Manifold says:

        Thanks, BMW. The case assortments are all so similar now that it is hard to know what case, or case remnants, you are looking at (unless scoring a fresh case). I’ve seen well-stocked pegs recently which included 2 or more of the 1-piece McQueen, but the assortments don’t seem to completely match any of the currently known and/or forecasted case assortments. Maybe I’m seeing a mix of old and new cases, or could there be a Walmart exclusive case assortment? Anyway, I hope someone out there is having some good luck.

  • BMW says:

    I found the one piece Mcqueen on 12/23/11 at TRU. Haven’t looked at a Zen Master 2 pack except to shove it aside to see if anything else was new!

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