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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Singles Coming in March-April 2012?

We have a pretty good idea of what’s coming in February in singles case D & singles case E. This singles list for March-April looks like this but keep in mind, it’s not set in stone and not officially confirmed so call it a probable mini sneak peek … (some CARS without names might actually acquire a name or name correction before then …)

World Grand Prix Race Starter

Prince Wheeliam

“Rod with Boot” (maybe CHASE?)

World Grand Prix Security Van

“Blue Maserati”

“Lightning McQueen Super Fan.”

Acer with Welding Gun

Now you need the oil rig.

So, while these may not make it out in March-April, they are on the list.


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  • Tav75 says:

    So,here iam again.The ones i didnt remember are:(singles) Radiator springs ramone,oficial murakami,becky wheelin,dom crumlin,yozoka,viktor h., mel dorado. Doubles: finn and leland,tio and mama topolino,miguel camino and pietro cartalina,professor z and acer with helmet,francesco and ka-ciao Mcqueen.Deluxe: kimura kaizo,queen,dragster mater,minion forklift,taco mater and taia decotura.more the above i already said.:)

  • Tav75 says:

    Hi! i have the new poster release from mattel for 2012 and from that list the only ones from pictures above are the blue maserati and acer with welding gun but there are more… acer with welmet,mater dragster,the queen and a few more tomorow i ill post the rest i dont have them all inside my head.

  • James Daniel says:

    the megasized or deluxe line has died a death in the UK. tRUs have boxes of finn sub to last the whole year. Stores that used to carry deluxe cars dont even have a space for them anymore, If i found something as average as Mel dorado it would make my month, I would love to know why Mattel cant see why and how much cash they must be losing out on, Sad situation for collectors.

  • D J says:

    A rainbow of maserati’s, nice.

  • Bumper Save says:

    This is awesome! If we see everything planned in stores this year, 2012 will be 463 times better than 2011!

  • Jack says:

    At the rate stores are getting new cases these will probably be for next Christmas.

    • Jinzo says:

      Agree. Such a shame though… I have yet to see anything past Ramone Case. And it’s been months… half a year probably.

      • Jack says:

        Yes it is a shame. These are some dark days for collectors. After an initial push of new Cars 2 cars it has slowed to a crawl filled with 1 or 2 new cars to a case that’s too hard to find or you can’t find at all like the latest 2 packs. Either that or if your “lucky” you can find a multipack with one new car.
        The last couple of years the new toons were so cool and helped keep collecting fun. Now there have been no new Toons in almost a year.
        There were also no new Storytellers or new Holiday cars for over a year now and probably worst of all there are no more Cars 1 cars that brought us here in the first place. They didn’t even give us the cars they promised us in the collectors guide or on the packaging of other cars we bought marked as coming soon.
        Oh how I wish Mattel would care more about the collectors wants and needs but I fear they are such a wealthy corporation with so many lines they don’t even care. It is a shame indeed: the current state of Cars collecting or more accurately Non collecting.

  • Tom says:

    These look great, but we still need the new releases that were released like two months ago. The shelves around here are empty of all but LMQ, Trunkov and Sub Finn. I noticed the local Walmarts don’t even have pegs for the deluxes anymore, they just have a space on the shelf.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I want the Lightning McQueen Super Fan!!

  • BMW says:

    Haven’t seen any new diecast in a long time, just the plastic releases.
    The cars on the 2011 mutipack checklist that still haven’t shown up at retail here; Ivan, Tamiko, Leland, Mama Topolino, Security Finn.

  • John says:

    The Honda “race starter” would be from the Tokyo Grand Prix. Each race has its own local flagman, a Fiat at Porto Corsa and a mini at London.

  • bobbyjack says:

    We just watched Cars 2 last night and I got asked about a lot of these cars.

  • cac1959 says:

    Is it just me or does it seem the post holiday Cars lull is longer this year than usual… bring on the new Cars!

  • WillsCars says:

    Wow, looking forward to seeing new stuff on shelves. My son asks me everyday about a Grem or Acer with a torch!

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    These will be neat!

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