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Mattel Disney CARS 2 Diecast: CARS 2: Porto Corsa Year 1 Card Design Ending?

This is from the new Quick Changers series* …

Thanks for the nice photo, “Noanat” and David V.

This is from Canada but it seems likely that this is the new “London-Big Bentley” card design for “2012.”

The card for the next diecast case (C) are still the Porto Corsa design so maybe as early as the D case for singles?

However, the accompanying playset for the new Quick Changers series is definitely Tokyo Speedway …

Of course, this circle 8 configuration has only slight accuracy to the Toyko race circuit in CARS 2 (they drive around a circle highway).

But it seems likely as the new motif and card design. Maybe next week we’ll get a confirmation.

*For those unfamiliar, the Quick Changers are a new plastic 1:55 series. Each car offers some “change/second look” when you “activate” it but pushing down on the car so the car changes from “normal” mode to additional feature mode. For instance, here Mater has wings pop out and Nigel becomes a volcano … or his engine superheats …

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  • slicepie says:

    It’s not an overheated engine, it’s “Crash Damage”.

    …and I’m gonna have to look at my case of Quick Changers, I think they have the Porto Corsa card back.

    • John says:

      Fillmore1234 reports that his Finn changer is on a Porto Corsa back. I’ve seen more than 40 changers in the past week and all have been on London backs. (including Mack and Stephenson) Looks like Mattel has made a running change.

  • Bumper Save says:

    I like the new cardback!

    Volcano Nigel, lol.

  • WillsCars says:

    My son and I love these! We’ve gotten the first 4. Hope to see the play set soon. We don’t care if they aren’t canon. These are toys made to be fun.

  • Tom says:

    Was I just not paying attention, or did the Cars not appear to sustain damage in the big Daytona-style pile up wreck during the Porto Corsa race?

    Also, is that Mater canonical? I do not remember when in the movie he had wings… maybe I need to watch again more closely.

    • John says:

      The Mater changer already released is a wasabi Mater who sticks out his tongue. My boys love the changers. I’d guess the Mater w/wings is from Air Mater; the newest short.

  • cac1959 says:

    I saw the first 4 Quick Changers a little bit before Christmas and bought 1 of each… my grandsons thought they were kind of neat… I was hoping they transformed as much as Transformers, but they don’t… The first case was 2 Wasabi Mater, 3 Nigel Gearsley with crash damage, 3 Finn McMissile with Karate Wheels, and 4 Lightning McQueen with crash damage (which changes like Finn’s Karate Wheels)… I saw them at Walmart… one of my friends saw them at Target as well, along with a Mack which I’ve yet to see but do intend to buy.

    The new Photo Finish Raceway track, which comes with the the plastic truck with the TV screen on the side, also is based on the Tokyo backdrop shown above… I found it at Target on Monday.

    This time around I won’t be buying common singles or two packs on a new cardback… Mattel – collect them all means Cars characters, not cardbacks.

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