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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: If You Like CARS 2 Launchers, Don’t Pit Stop …

If you’re collecting Pit Stop launchers, there are two new ones to add …

Francesco Pit Stop Launcher

Raoul Caroule Pit Stop Launcher

Of course, Mattel realized, hey, there are only 3 more to go before they run of WGP racers so … NEW LAUNCHERS … which are apparently called CARS 2 Launchers (that naming committee went all out).

But they do actually sound interesting … “Peer in to see a specific scene from the movie involving that character, then launch the vehicle to recreate the action.”

Finn Launcher – looks like same old Finn.

Francesco Bernoulli Launcher – he looks like he has a slightly different expression.

Lightning McQueen Launcher – “Hey, Who Put Diesel in my Tank” expression variant.

Mater launcher – looks like same expression Mater.

Raoul Caroule launcher looks the same.

Rod Torque launcher – he looks about the same …

So, it sounds interesting with the little mini screen thing … I’m presuming these 6 are the first two waves … will you collect them all … and again?

(And once you start collecting, Mattel will start changing the scenes. 🙂  ).

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