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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: CARS Take Flight for 2012, Pt. 2 – Moon Mater

As noted in the earlier post, there is a new series coming called CARS TAKE FLIGHT which will encompass all the flying craft of CARS going forward – in particular AIR MATER (covered in earlier post) and in this post MOON MATER.

This covers only the oversized “singles” diecast releases under the CARS TAKE FLIGHT line extension-series and does not cover any other possible releases and re-releases* under the 2-pack, 3-pack, box set of exclusives configuration.

* I’m going to out on the limb and say that some of these releases will be repeated in another configuration – any bet takers? 🙂

Mater Astronaut – Vertical Jets (important distinction in Part III of this post).

Lightning McQueen Astronaut

(And of course) Burnt Lightning McQueen Astronaut

Maybe I’m just cynical but with a Burnt LM on the list, it just feels that much more real. 🙂

And it just says NASCA Truck so it could be either …

Or maybe even both down the line since they are just repaints of Rescue Squad Ambulance and Dustin Mellows but here’s hoping NASCA Dustin arrives first …

Of course, you did notice the Florida clay-dirt along the side of NASCA Dustin when it was on screen for 18 frames in the lower right hand corner, right?

And a couple re-releases that are just marked JET & Rescue Chopper so it might be Stu Bop or another “Marco” jet with a new name and I’m not sure if Rescue Squad Chopper will get an actual repaint … but they are on the list.

There is a playset listing that seems to hint they are going to release this mini aircraft carrier as a playset but nothing official but seems likely.

No release dates.



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