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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Crew Chiefs 2011-2012 Update

I hope you’re having good luck finding the Jeff Gorvette & Francesco Crew Chief 2-packs. The good news is that after the Carla Veloso crew release …

Carla Veloso Crew Chief: VW Beetle – Cruz Besouro

It all changes for the better for crew chiefs! No more exclusives!

Yep, apparently the relying on the Kmart thing might not be the optimal plan.


Miguel Camino will come in a regular 2-pack with his crew chief Petra Cartalina – she is an Opel Corsa.

(Here’s what she looks like with his headphones … and no, no word on driver Pitty’s).

And Max Schnell will come with his crew chief …

Otto Bonn, an Audi TT.

Both will be 2-packs that are NOT exclusives – available to any Mattel retailer and reseller.

There’s also a NEW 2-Pack with Francesco & McQueen … hopefully it’s this 2-pack but no detailed info as of yet …

Trading Words on Bumper Stickers 2-pack?

AND even more good news – now Bruno Motoreau, Raoul Caroule’s crew chief will be available as a SINGLE … no longer do you need to buy him in a 2-pack. It’s unclear if the 2-pack will still show up at Kmart but seems unlikely now?

Along with Rip Clutchgoneski, the missing racer available as a single or in an 11-pack.

Start your wallets, go, go, go dog go …

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