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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: The Metallic Series Lives

The metallic series that started with Lightning, Jeff Gorvette & Nigel Gearsley will continue … well, at least two more … Raoul Caroule & Francesco Bernoulli …

Most likely it will be available at TRU only and Toys R Us might use it an incentive in a future promotion. Or simply sell it for twice the price of a regular diecast as they do now. 🙂

So, if the Zamak Chrome make it out, we’ll have 4 of each racer …

Rubber Tires
Zamack Chrome

Maybe we’ll get a second MSOS of the track where the racers can be 4 wide … of themselves …

But why stop there?

They can do a bare metal one …

Or save more time by not painting them at all except for the eyes.

Or maybe a throwback version like all sports team do now.

Like the imaginary teams of Dinoco from CARS, how about an Allinol set of 11?

Or a Pixar tribute to 11 Pixar movies?

Or almost all them got burnt at some point …

Or …



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