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Friday Afternoon Time Killer Bicycling Videos

The 50 No Hands Moves:

This RevoLight accessory that will probably cause drivers to crash into other cars … which I suppose is better than them crashing into you:


Or this guy who handles riding a bike better than I can handle drinking a glass of water …

Well, now, you can head home.

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9 December 2011 Gadgets 3 Comments


  • TheCaptain says:

    This was a great post, met. Sorry for the delayed response. Danny has mad skills, i’ve been a fan for years. He has a few other clips on youtube that are definitely worth checking out.
    The no hands video is a classic. And those wheel lights are wicked cool. Wish i could afford a set for our 24 hour endurance mountain bike event. Those would catch attention for sure.
    I heart bikes!

    (MET: Pretty impressive 24 hour endurance … I’m almost ready to tumble off the side of a hill after a 20-minute ride … 🙂 ).

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Woah! Danny M. is incredible! The 50 No Hands Moves was great fun. Thanks for the entertaining post.

  • chuki_mama says:

    Neat.. now if cyclist around here would just bike properly (following the rules of the road), this would make them more visible.

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