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Contest! Win a Disney D23 Expo Woody Exclusive!

Mariela, Pablo and son have graciously donated a D23 Woody exclusive as a prize!

It is really nicely done …

From what I understand, it replicates the TV of yore, there’s a large frame around “the picture tube,” and that tube plays back images in monochrome until the late 1960’s … another believe it or not, most TV’s did not have a remote control under the late 1970’s! But I guess that’s why people had 12 kids but I digress. 🙂

You can actually operate Woody like the marionette that he was and change out the background scene … someone actually put some thought into this and didn’t just drop a plastic figure into a clamshell … 🙂

Say howdy to Sheriff Woody!

You can win him by entering in the comments below. START your entry with the words …


(so we can tell it’s an entry and not a comment):

And a brief description of the toy you hung onto the longest from your childhood or the toy you missed most from your childhood or the toy you missed most because you saw it on eBay 🙂 or if you were “Sid” and you blew up everything … (I hope you’re all better now). 🙂 … or how long it took you shoot your eye out after you got your BB Gun. 😆

You may enter once a day. Contest runs until 11:59:59 Sunday, December 11, 2011. CONTEST STARTS NOW.

Thanks Mariela, Pablo & son!

They will select their favorite entries and have a random drawing. Good luck all!

(International entries welcome!)


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4 December 2011 Disney, Disney Pixar 36 Comments


  • John in Missouri says:

    Was a winner ever announced?

  • carcollector2 says:

    contest entry:
    i had a lot of the tranformers, back when i was a kid. absolutely loved optimus prime and played with him the most. then one day after playing with him in an empty field next door, (we had built fortress in the mound of dirt) they came and flattened it out. we lost all the toys we left there to play with. alot of g.i.joes and transformers and mask toys. i never did get many toys after that. dad said thats what we get for leaving them over there

  • InsanePirateDragon says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: Toy I kept the longest

    My favorite toy that I’ve had the longest and still do own is a ’13 inch plush of the monkey bird Niddler from the ‘Pirates of Dark Water’ series that my dad once won for me at the local amusement park when I was a five and I had taken it with me where ever I went for years and has stayed with me for almost 20 years now. Even after loosing his wings and a year, he’s still perched on my bed.

    I take a picture of him for everyone to see and for proof that he does exist when I get home tonight.

  • bravo16 says:

    Contest Entry:

    The toy i held onto and still have from my childhood is a redline hot wheels, a green Mercedes 280SL. I still regret not keeping all my hot wheels and matchbox to give to my son who has the same passion for them today.

  • Micky says:

    Contest Entry:

    My boy toys.

    I know I’m a girl but I’ve always liked boy toys. When I was maybe 6 or 7 I had diecast cars, a train set and even a plane. I don’t remember where they came from or how I happened to have them but I really loved those toys. I remember having a car that in my memory looks like Lizzie. The plane was blue and it’s wings folded up like the planes that were on aircraft carriers. The train was black and looked like it was from the old west. It had a key to wind it up, no batteries or electricity used. That train circled the little village under our Christmas tree every year. These toys were kept in the hassock (it opened for storage) in the living room. I’d take them out and run them around on the living room floor then gently put them back in their place until next time. I hated when my boy cousins would come to visit because they would play with my boy toys. They were very rough with them and I would tell them to not be so rough but they never listened to me.

    Just as I don’t remember where they came from, I don’t remember what happened to them. I suspect my mother gave them away at some point after I left home.

  • BMW says:

    Contest Entry:

    My Toy Story
    The toy I have hung onto the longest from my childhood is over a half century old. This is a hand made doll, Little Bo Peep that my mother sewed for me when I was very young. She is in my closet and very fragile but still nice. This doll is a remembrance of a mother’s love, as I lost my mother when I was 16 years old. I see my Mom’s hand stitching and I am close to her again.

  • sodabear says:


    My most favorite toy ever was Timon, a stuffed monkey that I got from my grandma for my first birthday (and now that I think about it, the only present I ever got from her, aside from a five dollar bill she slipped me when I was 16 or so). He was my constant companion and best pal until a bitter ex-girlfriend of mine stole him when I was in my mid-twenties.

  • bravo16 says:

    The toy i held onto and still have from my childhood is a redline hot wheels, a green Mercedes 280SL. I still regret not keeping all my hot wheels and matchbox to give to my son who has the same passion for them today.

  • John in Missouri says:


    When I was about 7 or 8, I brought all my stuffed animals into the back yard one Autumn day to see who looked the funniest when I tossed them up in the air. I threw one so strong that it arched over into the bushes; I spent an eternity searching for it, as did my sister and parents. We could not find it, and I was devastated.

    The following Spring we finally spotted it in the bushes, but it was covered in mildew from the long Chicago winter, and after trying all she could do to save it, my Mom decided it was best to throw it away. I was devastated all over again!

    What made it worse for me was that it was orinally from my parents’ first Christmas as a married couple, when my Dad gave my Mom a basket of cute little stuffed animals. About 10 years ago, I gave them a similar basket of cute little stuff animals for their Anniversary, and told them to NEVER let any of their Grandkids bring them outside! 😉

    • LUCA says:

      google translate:
      Quando avevo circa 7 o 8, ho portato tutti i miei animali imbalsamati nel cortile indietro di un giorno d’autunno per vedere che sembrava più divertente quando li ho gettato in aria. Ho gettato uno così forte che ad arco sopra in mezzo ai cespugli, ho trascorso un’eternità alla ricerca di esso, come ha fatto mia sorella e genitori. Non abbiamo potuto trovare, e io ero devastato.

      La primavera successiva abbiamo finalmente avvistato tra i cespugli, ma era coperto di muffa dal lungo inverno di Chicago, e dopo aver provato tutto quello che poteva fare per salvarlo, mia mamma ha deciso che era meglio buttarla via. Ero devastato tutto da capo!

      Ciò che ha reso peggiore per me era che era orinally dal primo dei miei genitori ‘Natale come una coppia sposata, quando mio padre ha dato mia mamma un cesto di cute piccoli animali imbalsamati. Circa 10 anni fa, ho dato loro un cesto simile di carino animali piccole cose per il loro anniversario, e ha detto loro di lasciare MAI nessuno dei loro Grandkids portarli fuori

  • Micky says:

    Contest Entry:

    I’ve always had a conflict between my “girlie” toys and my “boy” toys. I loved cars, trains, planes but I also loved dolls. I’ll tell my doll story now and save my “boy” toys story for another post.

    I was almost into my teens (11) when Barbie came out. Some might say too old to play with dolls, maybe not….A new girl moved in across the street. After a few days of eyeing each other I finally went over and said hi. She was my age and in the same grade as me. She invited me in to play dolls. At first I thought, is she kidding, I don’t play dolls anymore but I went in anyway. When we got upstairs to her room, she presented her brand new “Barbie” doll. With her blonde ponytail and grown up figure she was a vision. She was nothing like the Ginny dolls I had played with. I was in love. I just had to have a Barbie of my very own. It took some convincing but I finally did get one. I got the latest model just released, a dark haired bubble cut with luscious red lips. We played Barbie all summer and what a great summer we had, Gail, Barbie and me. By fall it was time to put Barbie away and get ready to go back to school. That summer was the last time I played with Barbie as a care free kid. My attention soon turned to other interests (including boys LOL) and Barbie was put away in my closet. Many years passed, high school, college, and Barbie sat in the closet the whole time. When I got married my mother decided it was time to clean out my closet. She found the doll case with Barbie and all her beautiful outfits I had purchased with my own money that summer. Without asking she gave my beloved Barbie to my three nieces who destroyed her and her clothes in no time flat. I was devastated (and spend many a year in therapy over it, just kidding LOL).

    So how does this story end…I have spend the last 20 or so years collecting vintage Barbie’s and her vintage clothes. Outfits that cost $2.00 in the 1960’s cost hundreds now.

    The first Barbie I re bought was a #4 dark haired bubble cut with luscious red lips. She may not be my original doll but I love her just the same.


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Guess I should mention that these are also on sale at Mattycollector if anyone wants to just purchase one.


    Not quite as fun as winning one though.

  • Lorri says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: The toy I missed the most…
    I used to love my Dawn dolls. They were like Barbies but a lot smaller. They had “mod” mini skirts and glittery outfits. One of them had a small plastic poodle dog I think. My mom gave them away when I was in either junior high or high school. I think I got them around 1971. I saw some a few years ago and they were not as neat as I remembered!!!

  • LUCA says:

    Quando ero piccolo avevo un orsacchiotto di peluche che mi portavo sempre a letto..Era lui che mi difendeva la notte dai mostri trasparenti che venivano a disturbare il mio sonno..Lui respingeva gli assalti ed io mi sentivo protetto..Non so quando tutto questo ebbe fine,non lo ricordo…Ma adesso che sono cresciuto ne sento spesso la mancanza,vorrei riaverlo ancora con me e che mi aiutasse a sconfiggere i mostri,che nell’età adulta,sono diventati piu’ grandi e piu’ mostruosi di allora…Ti voglio bene,compagno delle mie notti tranquille di bambino..

    Translate,please.. 🙂

    • John in Missouri says:

      Bad translation courtesy of Yahoo Babelfish:

      When I was small I had a teddy bear that I always carried myself to bed. It was that the night from the monster defended me transparent that came to disturb my sleep. It rejected the onslaughts and I felt myself protect. I do not know when all this had end, not the memory… But now that they have grown some I feel often the lack, I would want to still come to it with me and that it helped me to defeat the monster, than in the adult age, they have become piu’ large and piu’ monstrous then… I want to You well, companion of my calm nights of child.

    • chuki_mama says:

      Google Translation:

      When I was little I had a teddy bear that I always took to bed .. It was the night he defended me from the monsters that were transparent to disturb my sleep .. He repelled the attacks and I felt protected when all I do not know .. this came to an end, I do not remember … But now that I grew up I often feel the lack, I would like to have him still with me and help me to defeat the monsters, and in adult life, have become more ‘larger and more’ so monstrous … I love you, comrade of my quiet nights for children ..

      … 😉 cuter than Yahoo Babelfish translation

  • danrio says:


    When I was about ten years old, my parents bought me a “remote controlled” robot made by Ideal Toys. He was known as “Robert the Robot”. Robert’s “remote control” was a 3 to 4 foot cable (non electric, by the way) attached at one end to his back and the other to a hand held control unit which looked like a hand gun. The control performed 2 functions. There was a crank which, when turned, operated wheels under Robert which propelled him forward or backward depending on the direction the crank was turned. There was a trigger which operated another set of wheels under Robert to steer him left or right. Robert had spring loaded “pinchers” for hands and, with operator assistance, could hold and carry small objects which he would drop from time to time because his arms swung as he “walked”. Robert had a record disk inside him that was turned by a crank on his back to give Robert a very limited ability to speak. Robert didn’t do anything else, he just obeyed the commands from the remote control. Of course, the operator had to follow him around.

    While my parents probably paid no more than $10 for my Robert back then, there is a relatively recent nostalgic remake of this toy which sells for around $100 (currently on Amazon). It is similar in operation to the original and purportedly made from the original dies, but an electronic box has been substituted for the record disc.

    Now, as a senior citizen, I see Robert as a reminder of an era when things were simpler and a new one with an electronic voice just wouldn’t be the same. Kind of like that new and better highway that was built near Radiator Springs!

    I’m not quite sure what happened to my Robert, but I believe he might have been left in an old toy box in my parents’ attic and given away after I left home for the army. I remember my older brother asked me if he could give some things to a friend with several children who were less fortunate than we were. Kind of like in Toy Story 3!

  • Contest Entry

    My favorite toy would have been my stretch arm strong.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    My favorite toy(s) would probably be my Hot Wheels cars. We were pretty poor back in the day, so my mom would go to flea markets and thrift stores and buy large bags of Hot Wheels for .50 or $1. I loved them so much, I even risked my life for them one day. When I was 2-years-old, I had left a bunch in the driveway. My dad came home from work, and started backing up his van into the driveway. I darted from the house, and made a last second dash to push them out of the way. I am proud to say I ended up saving them all. However, I ended up a speed bump in the process. Luckily, no major damage. Just a cool scar on my side; and some traumatized parents. I still have just about all of them to this day. About 300 or so, stuffed inside a 1970’s Dallas Cowboys duffle bag.

    (MET: That is both funny and scary … the good thing about your story was that YOU were writing it so at least we knew the ending wasn’t a 100% bad news …).

  • reg0later says:


    I miss my nes. I sold it to my best friend so I can still visit it.(I imagine that’s why Andy gave his toys away to someone close to him) But as we grow older and I catch videos on youtube of old nes games from double dragon 2 and river city ransom. I wish it was still mine.

    My daughters has started quite the toy story collection hopefully if we win I’ll make sure she doesn’t make the same mistake I did of giving up my favorite toy

  • xtremeroy says:


    My favorite was a stuffy teddy bear which was as tall as was. Very cuddly and doubled as a pillow every night. After years of love it finally worn holes in its seams and was thrown out

  • spider says:


    Mattel Talking Football – this was a game I saw commercials for on TV constantly and begged my parents to get me for my birthday (without dating me too much – early 70s). It was high tech at the time – small records that the offense player put into a small record player, and the defense player then rolled the record around on their side to set their defense. Great Game.

  • John in Missouri says:


    I miss my 1975-era Kenner Girder & Panel sets. I would build a really tall building with no window panels, and then slowly lower a night light on an extension cord, and watch the shadow of the skyscraper grow higher and higher on the wall. I let my Mom give them away to a thrift shop when I was in college, but my first purchase on eBay 13 years ago was a 1975-era Kenner Girder & Panel set. 🙂

  • lefseboy says:


    My favorite toy was a Vertibird helicopter. Sure, it was attached to a rod, and could only go around in circles, but it really flew and I loved it. You had to watch out that you didn’t actually carve up someone with the rotor blades, but hey this was the seventies and who needs safety features (remember Jarts and Click Clacks?)?

  • WillsCars says:


    My favorite toy was an electric train I got when I was 3. That was 41 years ago. It was a little Pennsylvania Railroad switcher. I still have it. The hand rails are missing, pieces have chipped off and the rear axle broke. The new rear axle is made of a plastic Q-tip. It still runs, but sounds like a can opener! My 5 year now loves it and he can’t wait to run it under our Christmas tree!

    Thanks for the contest.

  • kdthomas says:


    The toy I’ve held onto the longest and STILL have is the first toy my parents brought me to the hospital the day I was born. It’s a Zippy The Monkey doll. I lost his shirt along the way and I think a dog of ours tore out the squeeker thing but my mom sewed him back up.

    Toys I wished my mom didn’t give away/toss out would be me and my brother’s original Star Wars/G.I. Joe figures. Those things are going for a lot. Plus, the remakes are just not the same.

  • NascarFan says:

    If anyone wants 2 of these I have 2 to sell.



  • quercy says:


    One of the toy I remember the most was a Batmobile Hotwheel I received at my 6th or 7th birthday from my “girlfriend”. Joanne was 2 years older than me but really like me much. That Batmobile was so cool because there was a rubber band underneath and you were twisting it by turning something (I cannot recall exactly what) and was powering the car faster than any other matchbox or Hotwheels I had at that time. I remember still unwrapping it like if it was yesterday but that was in early 70s. 🙂 But I must underline my Kenner SSP racer… Video worth ten thousand words !!!… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NxQf-aeDWk&feature=related

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