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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Kmart CARS Day #7 Today 11 AM

Are you going?

Are you back from the event?

How did it go?

How did it compare to previous times?

(drop us a comment below).

If you missed out – you should see plenty/enough on the shelves. Remember that some stores do not like to have too many on the pegs so if you don’t see the one you want or enough, ask someone in toys and they should be able to bring out more – if they are really out, just drop a note in the forum, I’m sure one of our readers can find you some.

Here is the LINK for Online CASES (it may or may not be available – it seems to come and go). 🙂

“Beau M’s” son says, WooHoo Lightning!

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  • NascarFan says:

    Would you Tfader’s and CTT people buy the Disney Cars clear cases like the Toys R Us promos came in if a retailer made them available?

    If so, how many would you buy?


    • 5oclockshadow says:

      It really depends on how these cases are branded, and how much they sell for.

      From an investment standpoint, I would see it as being too risky. Especially if they are branded for Disney Cars only.

      Most collectors keep them in the package.

      Those that do open would more than likely only keep a handful of the nicer cars in the cases (Apple Car, Showstoppers, Rollin Bowlin Mater, etc.)

  • kmartx says:

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to “Nascarfan” from Utah for all his hard work in helping me here in the UK get Kmart Day 7 cases. He’s an absolute legend and a real pleasure to deal with. All the best to you all.

  • natlee75 says:

    Does anyone have extras lying around? I’ve been back to my Kmart store several times in the hopes that maybe they just mixed things up and didn’t put out the right boxes, but to no avail. I was also thinking of contacting Kmart directly to complain about how the event was run, but my fear is that such an approach will just encourage them to stop doing this which I definitely don’t want. :-\

    • NascarFan says:

      If you will write that email and send it to me I will forward it to those in charge.

      include store location and phone number in your email too.


      There are a bunch of Tfaders that can help you find the cars you need too.

      • NascarFan says:

        Natlee and Tom,

        I was emailing kmart reps about this problem and they read both of your comments.

        one suggestion was Kmart Day #7 or Kmart Day is a Hotwheels term

        Try asking for Cars Collector Event items.

        This may help.

        They are researching the Miami store as you are reading this Tom.

  • Tom says:

    Kmart may be reading, but they have yet to act on any previous comments they have solicited, so I feel this may be a waste of time…
    In any event, just left store #4295 in North Miami, FL. Talked to someone in the toy department who, again, knew nothing about K day 7. There was no evidence of any RT cars on the pegs. He said maybe call or try back in a few days…
    Oh well, Kmart must be doing pretty well if they aren’t trying too hard to move merchandise.

  • NascarFan says:

    Reminder: If you have any suggestions to make a Kmart Day Event better, please post.

    • Tom says:

      I have a suggestion; they should actually bring the Cars out from the stockrooms and put them on the shelves.
      3 different Kmarts I have been to in the last week had no idea what K day even was.

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      Haven’t we been doing that?

      Nothing ever changes.

      I’ll give my usual

      1. First to market cars.

      2. ‘Greatest hits’ cars ( Showstoppers, Frank, Lizzie, etc.)

      3. Video game cars (Sonny, Barry, Phillip, Count Spatula, etc.)

      4. Preview trailer racers (Corrosion Seal, Tony’s Frozen Corn Dogs, etc.)

      5. An ‘in-store only’ exclusive to bring back the crowds. (K-mart racer or something similar)

      • NascarFan says:

        yes, but I want to make sure that this is addressed and crystal clear for the powers that be.

        We dont need mattel to dictate to us or Kmart what we should buy. We need to step it up.

        • sloths14 says:

          Thanks for taking this to the powers that be. A few more thoughts:

          There are still plenty of possibilities for new Toons releases-Moon Mater, etc.
          Pittys and Crew Chiefs from both Cars and Cars 2
          Ramones or Maters are fine if they are substantially different (Union Jack Ramone or Lederhosen Mater)

          The poster from the last Collectors Day captured what happend in a nutshell. It is beautiful and is on the wall of my son’s bedroom. However, there are 66 cars shown-17 are duplicates, 3 are RW LMQ, CH and King. Darrel Cartrip and Red are the same as before. The “Race Team” vehicles and LMQ with party/travel are such minor variations they don’t count in my book. Basically there are only about 30 Cars 2 vehicles on the poster.

  • Tom says:

    Went to Kmart 3613 in North Miami Sunday night. There was no evidence of the Cars event. I asked a store employee who appeared to be an assistant manager and she “knew nothing” about it.

  • NascarFan says:

    Kmart Day #7 photos from Whitehall – Reynoldsburg Ohio:

    photos courtesy of “carscrazydd” – Dennis D and family


  • tjschatter says:

    Only 2 families at mine but when we started to open the boxes we realized they had sent the last event assortment. So now I am starting to panic for an event I was not even excited about. We had just about packed up and was ready to head to another kmart when the manager yelled out that he found another 3 master cases. These were the right ones. Apparently, when the first shipment came in the person was smart enough to recognize they sent the wrong one and reordered in time to get the right ones before the event. I feel bad though. Now this store has like 12 cases of the previous event to deal with on top of the left overs from this one. He was a super cool manager and seemed really happy to have us there supporting his store. Even with only a couple families he sold a fair amount.

  • Ryan says:

    Kmart in Altoona, PA had 4 master cases, but only 3 parties there. We all got posters and what we wanted, of course. Very boring event. Tons of cars left on the tables.

  • cac1959 says:

    I went to several Kmart stores in western Ohio… I’d promised friends in the UK that I’d help them out…

    I was the only one at the store I usually go to… when they told me before the event that they only had 1 master carton, I contacted a couple of my Indiana friends to see if they could help me out with Lewis… I was out of the store by 11:30 am – I also bought a Pinion Tanaka Deluxe while I was there and was able to get the store poster… and as it turned out, every case in every store was the online case assortment.

    At the second store there was no sign of the event… I talked to the store manager – he had an employee come out with 1 case and said that I could buy as many from that case as I wanted… got 9 Cars and moved on to the Target across the road where I found and left Lewis Hamilton launchers and found and bought the new Meet the Cars hardback book.

    When I arrived at the 3rd Kmart store, the only Cars that had been sold were Lewis, Max, and Miguel… I was able to get a couple of Max and Miguel and Carla… this store had had dozens of Kmart 3 Cars for years but they were finally gone.

    At 1:30 I got to the 4th Kmart… I found a nearly full table… one person had bought a set of the racers and that was it… I also found a fresh case of the Carla Crew Chief 2 packs – this is the second store where I’ve found a second case of those… most around here are stuck with the Tomber and Zen Master Pitty 2 packs.

    After a late lunch I went to a 5th Kmart… There were only about 12 KM7 Cars left… I did get 2 more Lewis.

    I decided to stop at one last Kmart… after finding no sign of the event, I asked an associate who referred me to the manager… I was told no one had come to the event and that they had an unopened master carton in the back that they’d bring out for me… 10 minutes later they came back and said that the box was gone, that while the manager was at lunch someone bought the entire unopened box… Unbelievable…

    I only saw store posters at 3 of the 6 stores and as others reported, they were facing the back of the store as you walked in… I don’t think we’ll see tons of extras on the pegs due to the fact that they seemed to ship fewer cases to the stores… maybe that will increase the demand for the next one as they limited the supply in this one… I also agree that they need new Cars… Lewis is the closest to a new Car in this case as the launcher has been very hard to find in stores due to the saturation of the first 2 cases (McQueen, Shu, Max, Nigel) and that as far as I know only online resellers have gotten the singles case… Max has been in the revised G singles case that I’ve seen at Walmart, Target, and TRU… I’ve found the H case with Miguel and Shu at several Family Dollar stores and 2 Kohl’s stores…

    We need new Cars… Rip… crew chiefs… pittys… fans… bring back some of the unreleased Cars from the first movie – we know there are molds for crew chiefs and pittys… there are Cars from both Cars and Cars2 in the new Meet the Cars book that haven’t been released that we’d like to see.

  • Nightmare Car says:

    Howdy! Ma Dang, it was a slow day here out west. 2 kmarts near me. First one had 3 master cases and it was me and one other guy with his kids. They took a set, I took all the Hamiltons and 1/2 the Miguels.

    I went to the 2nd store and they were clueless as usual… “What Event”? they asked, so I showed them in the current kmart ad. A half hour later the manager brought me one case and said he wanted to save the other one.

    I got the other case when he saw how many cars I was buying, he was thinking hot wheels and thought I wanted just the one chase car from the case… LOL

    I noticed one case was missing the Carla’s and had extra LMQ’s. When I got home I discovered one of my Miguel’s was on a Jeff Gorvette card back (smile), that was and still is a nice surprise. I can see why they made the mistake, both cars look almost the same in color.

    I will prob post it on E(rip you off)bay soon. I got lucky with transberry error car awhile back when I found one missing a tire and sold it for $1,200.00 on ebay. I was lucky and thankful someone wanted it more than me.
    It’s those kinds of sales that allowed me to give away $500.00 in Cars during the opening of the cars 2 movie to children of deaf adults. I got some great photo’s and film footage of the event too.

    The smiles on those kids faces are priceless, after all that is what these toys are about for me. The toys make me smile too of course. I love em still even though they seem to be going the way of the dinosaur, soon to be ex stint I’m guessing.

    If Matel does make a chase car it will just bring the greed money people to the event, even thou that is tru I would still support inserting a chase car.

    Later Mater… “Later Mater, that’s funny”.

  • jestrjef says:

    My daughter and I hit the Kmart that we have hit for every event since the first one. My 5 year old son could not go this time because he had a soccer game. Needless to say, he was not very happy but at least his team won 4 to 0.

    Anyhoo …. he didn’t miss anything. The cars event was not an EVENT at all. There were 3 parent’s with kids at the event … the worst turn out I have ever seen. We let the other two families get what they wanted first. They each picked up one set and a poster. After that, we picked up everything we needed for us and for the friends that we help …. left plenty of extras behind … other than Lewis … so anyone else that did not make it there at 11 am should have found just about everything they wanted. The associates there know us so well that they brought us the event poster from the front and put it right in our cart. We have gotten the event poster from every event except for one. We were in and out in about 30 minutes.

    Later in the evening, we stopped by another Kmart just for giggles. Sadly … there were no giggles … I searched around for the table with cars piled up on it …. I found nothing. I walked the entire store before I found a shopping cart near the back of electronics. 2 Master Cartons were there … both opened … all cases inside opened … but there were less than 10 cars missing. Looks like they only had ONE guest come in to buy Cars at the event at this store.

    I have to agree with most everyone else … this “EVENT” needs new blood … fresh cars …. exciting castings to really bring it to life. The tires are awesome …. but not enough …. the chromified “Zaxxon” paint (thanks Mike Man-i-fold lol) might be cool …. but I just don’t think that will be enough. We want NEW CASTINGS!! We want CHIEFs!! We want Pittys!! We want RIP!!!

    Mattel … Kmart …Target … Walmart … other retailers …. don’t kill this line …. please … we beg of you … kids … parents … collectors … we all sincerely beg of you … do away with gimmicks and cases stuffed with peg warmers … don’t you remember Final Lap Cars FLYING from the pegs just last year because of AWESOME new castings and GREAT case assortments????? Bring back this way of thinking!!!!

    Sorry … I will step off the soap box now … who is next??

  • John in Missouri says:

    Store 7018: Jefferson City, Missouri

    Call me a spoiled brat if you want, and even a cry baby, but I’ve gotten accustomed to our local Kmart getting in five master cartons (20 cases) for each of the prior five Collector Days (Kmart Day #1 had 3 master cartons).

    Today’s event: ONE master carton! Really?!? Was it Kmart’s revenge for all the negative comments I’ve made about them on this site? Or was it simply lackluster Cars 2 sales at this store that led to an 80% drop in supply?

    Anyway, all my crying aside, it was run beautifully as usual and there were only three families there, so we got what we needed, AND enough for our favorite PirateDad north of the border (south of the border if you’re in Detroit).

  • TheCaptain says:

    My daughter and I had a great morning. Picked up dunkin’ donuts on the way to the event. Then we easily got what we wanted plus poster, since there were only 8 people and 12 boxes. Then stopped by Five Guys for burgers and fries after. All topped off with a nap. Really couldn’t ask for more. I agree that it would be nice for something new, but Mazzy was excited for the event and her cars (as was I), so it is still a special time for us.

    • tjschatter says:

      I miss my kids being young and excited for new cars. I used to collect for 8 different kids and myself when I started. Now all of them are grown up and I have to beg them to go to the events with me. Now I only collect for myself and a couple friends. I still love it but it was much more fun when I was doing it with my kids. Glad your day was special for you!! It does not matter what the assortment is when you get that big smile from the little ones.

  • natlee75 says:

    I went to my local store at about 11:15 AM. Nobody there. Nothing set up. None on the pegs. I asked an employee who called the manager down. The manager said they were participating. She went in the back and brought out a single box stating that’s all they got. The box was full of Hot Wheels cars.

    I don’t know my store number, but it’s located in West Orange, NJ.

    Oh well.

  • John says:

    Los Angeles, 4 master cases out, one lady and us waiting at 11am. (We had to ask several employees about the event, two of whom called the customer service desk for us, none knew of the event. We finally found one kid setting up tables in the Halloween department.) They announced it over the PA several times and by 11:20 six curious customers had gathered to see what was going on. They made us take tickets anyway, then we were each handed several boxes to go through at our leisure. Went to visit the eight Lightning Alives that have been hanging out in the toy aisle for several weeks, but there were no new two packs or megas.
    Got home to find our Lightning McQueen has a big chip in the paint that we did not see when we were in the store so we’ll have to back again tomorrow.

  • Mariela says:

    Easy in, easy out.
    I couldn’t believe that there were no people! Only Ian and me, and then came 4 more people, that was it!
    4 master cases and plenty on the pegs, and they even put some more rubber tires from K6.
    This was the weirdest and the most boring event ever 😕

  • danrio says:

    Store 3369 Northern California (near Sacramento):

    I was the first one there at 10:55. By 11:00 there were two more. After recruiting of a few more participants by store associates, the crowd had swelled to 6 by 11:05. Tickets had been given out, but were never drawn. Employees commented that they had never seen such a low turnout for a Cars or Hot Wheels event, but they got things started bu letting each person present go through a box. I explained to them the “not much new” we have all been discussing along with the pegwarmers still left from the last collectors’ day and the seemed to understand. I asked about the cardboard sign that is usually at the front entrance and they assured me it was there. I checked and couldn’t find it, but asked if I could have it if it surfaced. Someone went up front and returned with the sign and gave it to me (YAY! First one I ever got!); it had been placed on the “back side” of the signage in the front of the store EXACTLY, according to one of the assistant managers, where corporate had dictatorally prescribed it to be placed (facing the REAR of the store!. The best time I had at the event was talking to “Sam” (named changed for anonimity) with whom I became acquiainted at Day #5, last year. His son is a Pixar animator and, in the ‘Cars’ movies, works on Mater. He also did much of the work on the Cars2 Guido & Luigi Italian family reunion. “Sam” showed me a bunch of photos taken at Pixar employee corporate events . . . WOW!! John L really knows how to pull off a party for his people ! He was in quite a few of the photos.

    I hope Mattel and KMart can do a better job on Day 8 (if there is one).

    • quercy says:

      Here in Bellingham I have noticed the same thing! The main sign was facing the back of the store. All week long I was looking for it and thought they won’t have the event since I am new in here (just arrived in town last month)… hmmm strange way to promote a weak event… or maybe that’s the goal… to make it even weaker… 😉 I am kidding, I know Mattel know what they are doing! Check all these Finn McMissile they are flying off the shelves like crazy… when you move them out to look for NEW ONES!!!

      My real excitement will be the return of TOONs… “IF” they come back… I am “TIRED” of the rubber TIRES…

  • slicepie says:

    Niagara Falls, NY KMart

    – 4 Master Cases (16 total cases)
    – 12 collectors

    No raffle due to more cases than people attending the event. Somehow I walked out with an odd number of Cars 😕

    Snagged what I thought was 4 posters but I didn’t realize they were quad folded so it turned out to be only 2 posters. Also got the store sign and noticed that the case contents were the same as reported for the online cases.

  • Micky says:

    My husband and I were the only ones there. Three master cases. Very nice guy running the event. He opened two cases and I picked all the Cars I wanted. He gave us 4 posters and the store poster. When I got home I realized that Miguel was poorly painted so I went to a near by Kmart to exchange. Made an exchange and picked up a lenticular poster using my sales receipt from the other store. 2 posters and lenticular are extra if anyone is interested.

  • collectormom says:

    I went to the store in Watertown, NY. My kids were at a Scout campout this weekend so I was solo. The customer service lady of course had no idea what I was talking about and neither did the manager that she called. They finally found the 1 master carton and brought it out. We had all the Cars already so all I wanted was the poster, which turned out to be the same as from the event in June. Other than giving me a chance to warm up from being outside all day at the camp out there was no reason to go to this one.

    I really think that if I didn’t ask about it they wouldn’t have put anything out.

  • NascarFan says:

    West Valley, Utah:

    We actually had more turn out than Kmart Day #6.

    2 master cases, and no front door carboard poster

    Another Kmart had 4 master cases and we got the cardboard poster which goes to a Utah Member.

    A family showed up and We 3 Utah group members made sure they got one of each and a white poster and a lenticular poster.

    Their kids posed for a few shots for us.

    I bought enough to get several more of the Lenticular posters so if anyone wants one let me know.

    Bought 12 Rubber tires Lightning McQueens for a local homeless shelter giveaway.

    Photos to follow and posted here:


  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I didn’t even get out of bed this morning. Normally, I would have stopped in to take a look. Given the turnout at the last event and given there were no new castings for Cars, the Original, I made a wise decision to sleep. K-Mart and Mattel need to get the hint that gimmicks to sell more toys does not go over well with parents or kids. My K-Marts are awash with the castings from the previous events. Better off today at Fred Meyer for their Buy One Get One Free on Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Given what I’ve seen at many of the retailers there is entirely too much stagnant inventory in the backrooms. I wonder what gimmicks and sales pitches there will be for the DVD release and Black Friday.

  • Mark G says:

    This event at the Kmart that I go to had the lowest turnout of any of
    the previous 6 events. At the previous six events they averaged 36
    people. Today there were only 6 people. The store manager ran the event
    today. They had 20 cases. No raffle tickets were handed out as there was
    no reason to. They had several tables out with 10 plastic tubs an he
    just emptied 2 cases into each tub. My two sons and I were there 15
    minutes and out. He said it was the first time he had run the event and
    showed me a letter that was packaged in every master carton that said
    customers had 5 minutes to pick 4 cars instead of 5 ( last event they
    only let you pick 4 also). Then he showed me a letter that was sent to
    him from corporate that said customers had 5 minutes to pick 3 cars.
    If it ended up a raffle was necessary he was going to allow 4 cars.
    Isn’t it still suppose to be 5 cars? Anyway it was a non issue because
    of the low turn out. Many of the people I know that usually go said
    no thanks today because no new cars, just rubber tires. I agree with
    other peoples comments that they need new cars or a chase car or a true
    exclusive to draw more collectors to this event.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Hey, that’s a great pic! Awesome tuner shirt, too! Thanks for sharing, Beau. 🙂

  • At my Kmart, they did not give out tickets at all. For third straight event, I was only collector. They had only two master cases instead of usual four. They find’t even bother to bring to some place on the floor. I did my shopping in the hallway near the office. I got all the posters. No sign of the big poster. Bummed. I usually get it . Dang!

  • quercy says:


    SAME amount of people present as pretty much every event I did… All SAME 7 cars (rubber tires is NOT a new car) SAME posters… 8 cases… only need to opened 3. One for each of us. One lady picked only Lewis for his sons, a canadian collector (new friend of mine now) picked a set and I picked 2 sets… that’s it, done in few minutes!

    I wish to have a CARS event having a CHASE per case or a SUPER CHASE let say, or some crew chief dual pack… something, but please give us something NEW or something to CHASE for! No wonder there is only few people at this what they called “EVENT”…

    Spaghetti is good. A reheated spaghetti from microwave is still good… but always??? not so much… I feel for a lasagna now 🙂

  • WillsCars says:

    This time I went to the Binghamton, NY store, since the Endicott store is still shut down from the flooding we had in September. They were by the book here. We had to get tickets at the service desk then go to a table back in toys. There were 5 of us. They only had one master case out. Everyone got what they wanted and the three of us who took longer to look over the cars got a poster. Funny thing is, I went to three Kmarts this past week in my travels and none of them had the Store poster out. I happen to notice the rubber tire Lewis has different eyes then the launcher Lewis and he also has a gap in his teeth. I don’t have the normal single release of Lewis yet, but I assume it will look like the rubber tire version?
    Thank You Kmart for still having these CARS days for us.

  • materrocks says:

    Oct. 22, 2011
    Thornton, CO
    The small Kmart in Broomfield was where I went to for the collectors event. The district manager was there checking out the store. The event did not start till around 11:20. A couple of young girls and me were the only ones there. Of course, they did not know what was going on. I was actually the only one there for the event. To make it official, the associate gave me a raffle ticket, the only one, put it in the container, shook it around, and pulled the only ticket in there. So, I was given a poster, for being the first one there. I was able to pick seven cars instead of five-then was able to pick and choose what cars I wanted to fill a case. I got one set for me, a friend in the UK wanted 2 of each car so I was able to do that. I only wish that Rip Clutchgoneski was part of the mix. That’s my event news–anyone else?

  • Mike Manifold says:

    The event went smoothly for me in Norridge, IL at store #9348. Unfortunately, I was the only one there, and Jr. had two birthday parties to attend, so it was a bit lonely. Tasha’s trainee (Lorena?) and one other employee were very helpful, and I was able to get all of Chiesurin and I’s cars.

    This was one more store with no front of store display poster, so that couldn’t have helped the poor attendance. Actually, I haven’t seen the front of store poster at any of the other KMarts around here. Odd.

    On the other hand it was nice to have 3 cases to cull the best paint and decal jobs from (shoddy as usual). It appears that Lewis actually has his tooth gap which I think is awesome! If I remember correctly he doesn’t have the gap in the launcher and 7-pack platic-tires format. Anyway, I felt all giddy this morning, just as John was mentioning below, like Christmas morning, and I had a blast.

    This will be my last KMart day at leat until new castings and/or rubber tire Rip Clutchegonski make the assortment. I won’t be going for the double triple silver grey Zaxxon paintjobs.

    Thanks for the assortment checklist, Met, it was very helpful.

  • sloths14 says:

    Went to my usual K-Mart in Salem, NH. I had called the day before to confirm that the event was on, maybe others could do that to avoid disappointment. My son and I and one other grandfather were the only ones there.
    “Ronnie” was the young man in charge and he was organized and started right on time. He brought out three big boxes, we opened a case each. My son and I only needed Max and Lewis, so after a minute we were pretty much done. We were given two posters and the other man took two posters also. Ronnie mentioned they still had a couple of more boxes in the back-since I only had taken two cars and the other guy about 7 or 8, that means there are tons of leftovers. I helped him open some of the cases and asked him if he had any Day #6 cases left in the back. He said no, but there was definitely some leftovers and he went back and bought two laundry baskets full of Day #6 Cars. I was able to get Nigel, Shu, Hydraulic Ramone and the King (our Kings ended up with spoiler damage from my son’s younger days!). Thanks to Ronnie for making the day better (Store #4448) . Because the current stock (Finns, LMQ, and Mater) are still on the pegs, they have no place to put this backlog.

    After going to Day #4 and #5, and being bummed at being a late afternoon arrival at #3, it just disappoints me to see this event going downhill. It seemed like in the past, there were at least 5 or 6 new cars, and I am sorry to you hardcore collectors, but the majority of kids could care less about a version of a car with rubber tires. My son kept asking me if we were going to get Union Jack Ramone. Hopefully if KMart does read this they can work with Mattel so the next day will have some cool and unreleased cars-among the others my son asks about-Mama Bernoulli, Prince Wheeliam, crew chiefs, among others. And Mattel, I don’t want to buy these in a four pack with LMQ, FInn, and Mater!!

  • Bumper Save says:

    I was the only person there, with my family. The guy was really nice and let us tear in to all four cases and take 20 cars. I also got 2 posters and Pinion, I am thrilled!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Great event! There was a very nice lady who helped only me open 3 Master Cases. She even gave me one of the Posters from the last event and let me take home one of the Empty Master Cases! She then announced the event and about 4 more people showed up. I bought 2 of Miguel and Lewis and 1 of each of the rest. We didn’t do the Ticket stuff because of nobody there until after I got there, which was OK.

    I asked her about if there were any more Cars in Storage that I could see and she said there were 1 Mega Case and 2 Movie Doubles Cases that she knew of, but she said sorry and I couldn’t see them. Hopefully they will make their way out soon.

  • L8rM8r says:

    Wow pretty much the same scene I guess. Went in around 11:20 and they did not have them set up in the normal location. A quick stop at the CS desk and we were directed to the x-mas department next to the toys section. 2 Master cases all opened, but no-one there. I asked the kid in charge he said one guy showed up and took one car and left. I found that they had both cases there with the two different assortments. I got what I needed for my son and daughter (McQueen of course 🙂 and on my way. I also grabbed a few posters, but did not see the in store poster anywhere. Let me know if anyone needs a poster.

  • corinne says:

    Noboby at my kmart either just me & my son . Bought a few cars for my son and a friend . Also got the same poster again !!

  • bobbyjack says:

    Same deal as in June. Just me, my son, and couple of other dads and their kids. They brought out two boxes, opened them up, and offered my son one of the posters. The guy opened it up for him and remarked how big it was. My son looked at it and said, “I have that already.”
    They dumped one of the cases out for my son to look through and of course he said, “I have these already.”

    So I grabbed one of each of the seven rubber tire cars we needed and explained to my son that we would put these in the plastic boxes that his other race cars are in. He said, “Okay, that would be cool.” I asked him which race car in the bag was his favorite. He picked Lightning McQueen and posed for a picture.

    If this event is going to continue, Kmart and Mattel need to release some actual NEW cars. Not just repaints next time.

  • NC says:

    I got everything I wanted, but had an absolutely terrible customer service experience. I got there at 11:30. We go back to where they usually have the event and there is no one there. No table, no cases, no nothing. We ask a guy about it and he says that the lady who normally does it called in sick, so they are not doing it today. There is a poster right in the front of the store advertising the event. So, we go to customer service and ask them if they would have the cars in the back. The lady there thinks that we are talking about the Cars 2 DVD and calls electronics to ask if they have that. We say “No, the Cars 2 diecast cars. There is a poster right at the front of your store advertising the collector’s event today!”
    So, the lady calls the manager. We wait 30 minutes at customer service waiting for the manager to call back. Finally, the manager calls back and then says she has to make sure the event is today. We wait another 10 minutes. Then, the manager calls back, says that they do have the cars in the back and she will bring them to the front of the store. We wait another 10 minutes, and still no cars. Finally, we go back to where they have the event, and they have brought the cases back there. These two girls who have never done it before are now in charge. They think that the cars are free, and we tell them that they are not. Then, they say “Well, the instructions say we are supposed to do a raffle to see who gets to pick cars first.” We are like “Um? We are the only ones here. You do not need to do a raffle.” So I get the cars that I want and go to the checkout line. There are tons of people waiting in line and all of the lines are ridiculously long. On a Saturday morning, they have only 2 checkout lanes open. We wait another 10 minutes and then finally leave. Got everything I wanted but terrible customer service. This was at store #7676 in Sidney, NY.

  • FireFox91 says:

    I got back a little while ago. My store was pretty disorganized as usual. No one had any idea where or when the event was up until 11:00. They did it at the front of the store. They had 8 master cases and only 4 parties including me to get stuff. They did away with the tickets and just gave each person a master case to open. Each one had 3 posters inside. I got 2 posters, 1 for my son, 1 for his friend. I opened up 2 smaller cases and got the 3 Lewis Hamiltons we wanted. No bubbles, no troubles. I then went back to the toy aisle and saw a father with his kid there looking at the Disney Cars. I told him about the event up front. He said that is what he was looking for so he headed on up and got his.

    By the way, I was successful at using the $5 of $20 birthday club coupon someone posted elsewhere on this site. It scanned without a problem, they never asked for the e-mail to show I was a birthday club member. I did have a K-Mart rewards card so maybe that was good enough.

  • Jack says:

    In at 10:50. Done at 11:07. 3 or 4 master cases for just one other Cars collector and myself. Got any cars I wanted some posters and out.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Only person there, like last time. No case surprises. Exactly as reported (I think). Scored 2 posters and the instore poster.

    Thanks to KMart store # 7104 and an employee named Will. Sean has been a big help too over the years!

    Followed everything by the book even though I was the only one there. i can appreciate that, knowing that it sometimes does not go so smoothly at other events.

    If anyone needs anything, check out the needs on my trade list and maybe we can work out something!

    Hope eveyone had a successful day!


  • Tom says:

    Just left the store, everything went well. There were 4 parties, each got everything they wanted, including a poster.
    It wasn’t actually an event though.
    New castings and fanfare would’ve been nice.

  • NascarFan says:

    Kmart cases are still up, about 30 left this time.

  • First bad sign at my KMart: no big display stand sign.
    Always had one here in the past.

  • NascarFan says:

    Takefiveaday challenge:

    As a guy who is thankful to have a job now after two years (nearly to the day) of being laid off, ( my one year will be January 26th, 2012)

    I challenge each takefiveaday member to pick up extra cars and find a Homeless Shelter in their area and hand out some cars to those children who do not have toys.

    Lets give back a little.

    Lets give a few of these extra pegwarmers to them.

    I will be picking up one complete set for a child or children.

    Anyone do any better?

  • NascarFan says:

    Last call reminder, if anyone Overseas needs any cases let me know.


    Need Singles??

    Plenty of members here to help with this as Met stated above.

    I miss the bags of popcorn and Icee at Kmarts. Can this be ever fixed?

  • John in Missouri says:

    Even after 7 events, this always feels like Christmas morning to me. However, we used to open gifts by 6am, so the waiting is driving me crazy! 🙂

  • NascarFan says:

    If anyone has any issues please be sure to post the store number you were at.

    Kmart is reading.

    • Teekay421boo says:

      Went to my usual K-Mart in Hyattsville, Maryland. They did not receive a shipment and seemed to know nothing about the event. Same thing in Greenbelt, Maryland. Disappointing day.

    • ChrisB says:

      If Kmart is reading this then I would just like to echo the sentiment of how important it is that they get new and interesting Cars for future events.

      Even if it’s an assortment of first-to-market Cars like Hydrolic Ramone was that would be pretty cool. Even though they would not be “exclusive”, it would still attract people that don’t want to spend time going store to store looking to see if the newest case is out yet.

      As Kmart probably notices already, attendance, and likely revenue, from these events goes down with each one. Coincidentally each event lately has offered slightly worse cars. Rubber tires on cars that have been released multiple times in singles, 2-packs, 5-packs, and launchers, does not really cut it.

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