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Wake Up to Warm Bacon Without Leaving Your Bed

It’s just a prototype … but your instructions are here.

Just put a couple strips of pre-cooked bacon on a paper towel in the teflon cooking tray the night before, and set the Cook Time for 4 minutes.  The bacon can be left out overnight with no problem since most of the moisture has been already cooked out of it, and there’s no preservatives besides the fact that it is salt-cured and smoked like all bacon is.  Set your alarm for 7am and by 7:04 your bedroom is filled with the strong aroma of cooking bacon. 

HOW:  First, we hacked a cheap alarm clock.  When the alarm goes off in an alarm clock, the clock is sending a signal in the form of a wavelength along a wire to a small speaker to generate the alarm sound.  We cut that wire and re-routed it to a pin on a microchip, and programmed that microchip to respond to that particular wavelength input by triggering a relay (essentially an on/off switch) to send power to a pair of halogen lightbulbs that safely heat the bacon to a crisp.

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8 October 2011 Food 7 Comments


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