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Learn to Drive a Real Steam Engine Train
Posted in Travel on 5 August 2017
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The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad offers a chance to drive a real steam locomotive … you have to take the Fireman Steam School Class & Engineer Steam School Class before getting the certificate to drive the train – which makes sense if you set the engine on fire … You can check it out here.

Photographer Retraces Route 66 Through Old Postcards
Posted in Travel on 22 December 2014
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Photographer Natalie Slater found old photos of the route from decades ago and rephotographed them as they appear today. You can check out more GIF’s here. Her videos are here.

It’s No Cozy Cone …
Posted in Travel on 18 March 2014
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I guess its’ kind of cozy … and it’s probably fun during a lightning storm … Pennview Motel, Reading, PA, 1998 — photographed by David Graham.

Now, This is a Private Jet
Posted in Travel on 31 July 2013
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If you’re gonna fly a private jet, you wanna look good while buzzing the tower and look like you could drop a payload on someone, right? The new Saker private jet … It does Mach .99 – apparently a mile every 6-seconds with a range of 1,600 miles … Looks pretty good but I’ll wait […]

Train Seasons Time Lapse – Norway
Posted in Travel on 1 February 2013
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If you’re feeling stressed, here’s a nice video of a train through the seasons Norway – time lapse … Here’s the making of info (the making of videos are mostly in Norwegian). Or in case you did not know, Swedes claim that the “Swedish Chef” sounds Norwegian … What do you think?

DeLorean Cabs – Real in NYC (Sans Mr. Fusion)
Posted in Travel on 14 December 2012
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While you can actually take a DeLorean Cab in NYC, no hovering, driving on the tunnel roof or flying … sorry … though sometimes 25 MPH on the Major Deegan does seem like flying … 🙂 You can check it out here.

If You Run of Out Things to Do in Vegas: The Chuck Jones Experience
Posted in movies, Travel on 12 November 2012
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Inside Circus Circus … If you’re coming from Texas, turn right at Albuquerque – then go North and make another left. From Pismo Beach, yea, turn left … or should be tuoin left. The online store is at

If You Have Too Much Money, or Free Time – We Can Kidnap You For Only 900€
Posted in Travel on 23 June 2012
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If you’re in France and you’re bored of the usual tourist things, instead of buying a giant wheel of cheese for 900€, Ultime Realite will happily give you the ultimate tourist thrill – they will kidnap you! Wait, what? ” … one goal: to merge with your character and immerse yourself in an adventure that you […]

Disneyland: The Price of Admission
Posted in Disney, Travel on 27 May 2012
Stats: and 7 Comments notes the new Disneyland pricing – presumably since CAL Adventures is a little more enticing now. You may need to break a few more piggybanks … though all your kids under 3 are FREE so stock up! Guess those Park Hopper gift cards are a better deal to buy before you arrive. You can […]

Delta Airlines: Luggage Eye View YouTube Journey
Posted in Travel on 23 May 2012
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Strangely, traveling as luggage doesn’t feel or look much different than traveling as a “human” these days. 🙂 The original was much better when it featured Woody, Buzz, Bullseye and Jessie …