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Girl Scout Cookies: Market Share by Flavor
Posted in Food on 14 September 2011
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Apprrently the only girl scouts I know are lazy … I don’t think I’ve ever EVER been offered any of the 23% flavors! Or Caramel deLites sounds pretty good. Are they hoarding those flavors for themselves? I want Thank U Berry Munch! (Isn’t that one of those Disney Channel movies?) Via WIRED Magazine.

Star Wars Blu Ray: Different as SelectVision CED is to Blu Ray
Posted in Film on 14 September 2011
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Star Wars is finally coming out on Blu Ray … Here’s a shock, more changes! Yes, these are not the Star Wars you are looking for? New York magazine reports that “Episode I: The Phantom Menace has perhaps the most significant change: The puppet Yoda that was originally in the film has been replaced by […]