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The Fox Tv Series Terra Nova Review

They are re-airing it this weekend.

Since the series in year one (13 episodes) is going to cost $50 million (at least), Fox is rolling the big dice on it.

They were hoping it was an immersive experience like AVATAR with scary beasts JURASSIC PARK (obviously) and spooky mystery like LOST. Or appointment TV.

It is definitely not there after the first two episodes (played together).

It’s hard to tell so far if it’s DUMB because the network execs at Fox are idiots and thinks we’re idiots or it’s just a weak script to begin with.

At its worst, it’s cheesy with family conflicts and dialogue and acting straight out an Lifetime Movie Channel original. It’s so shoehorned in, it’s like someone wrote in the margins of the script – need family pensive moment for commercial break teaser.

They managed to create about 5 family conflicts that not only make no sense based on the facts of the show but are randomly inserted they appear totally implausible and unbelievable. But maybe because the lead male actor is still learning this acting thing.

The premise (how they wind up there) is probably the weakest story they could’ve presented and it’s bizarre that they probably spent a huge chunk of the budget creating a city we might NEVER see again and it’s just ho hum in its execution (Blade Runner on an afternoon Disney Channel show budget).

The actor they hired to play the dad is pretty much charisma free – which might explain the hilarious exposition where they stop to explain why the brilliant doctor wife would marry such a dweeb. They must’ve gotten preview notes back from the test audience. 🙂

She is a good actress and the rest of the cast is fine – but it’s kind of an issue where the lead male can’t act. But maybe it’s just poor direction as he’s not used to acting where they say “there is a 70-foot tall dinosaur there. ACT!”

The dinosaurs look worse than the first JURASSIC PARK – aren’t computers a little more powerful since the first JURASSIC PARK?

So, it’s no LOST, AVATAR or JURASSIC PARK. So far, it’s slightly dumber than the last JOURNEY to the CENTER of the EARTH. But it’s “free,” so I’ll give it a couple more eps but if the next two eps are as weak writing, dialogue and storytelling … time to switch off the teevee.

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29 September 2011 Uncategorized 7 Comments


  • John in Missouri says:

    “Terra Nova” is about as good as the new burgers at Wendy’s — BLEAH!!!

  • L8rM8r says:

    I have it on the DVR and maybe will just delete it and watch something else then. Yikes I thought it might have some promise but this is not the first bad review I have heard for this show that they spent millions on.

  • hollywood7 says:

    I watched this last night and although the acting was average, it did suck me in a little so I will tune in a few more times. I have a million questions about the choice of who went back, the lottery, why the sixers would go rogue. I hope that they may cover some of this in the future but as with all Fox TV shows I won’t hold my breath, as for being like Lost…I hated lost as it lost me when it went ….NO WHERE!! To be continued

  • bobbyjack says:

    I was somewhat disappointed I forgot about this being on and missed it. Thanks for the tip so I don’t waste my time watching this weekend.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Metroxing said: The dinosaurs look worse than the first JURASSIC PARK – aren’t computers a little more powerful since the first JURASSIC PARK?

    I said the exact same thing when we wasted 2 hours on this show!

    My son is HUGE into dinosaurs, but when he heard the show would have people in it, he nixed the idea of watching it, which I was very happy about during the opening scene when the police stormed their home looking for the little girl. SCARY!

    If anyone wants their money’s worth on television shows, three of the four baseball games last night on the ESPN networks were thrilling!!

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