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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Disney Store Box Sets Will Light the Way!

You seen some of the Disney Store CARS 2 singles now in the display box but now, get ready to light up your 1:32 collection with LIGHTS ON – they are LIGHTS OUT!

(click to purchase at the Disney Stores)

Francesco Bernoulli & Shu Todoriki LIGHTS

Sure they look sweet all lite up but on the night circuit?

And of course, solid metal diecasts …

(Different expression) Lightning & Carla Veloso

Carla looks nicer in the larger scale …

And a different expression McQueen and different expression Francesco

And a different expression McQueen and different expression Francesco …

These will go perfect with the Disney Store tuners in their own display area. πŸ™‚

Glow Eyes

Next post, MORE Disney Store CARS 2 Box Sets!

Updated post with 4-packs HERE.


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3 May 2011 Disney Pixar CARS 3, Disney Store 28 Comments


  • Sean Rynders says:

    This morning my local DS said May 15th for these light-ups. I live near Seattle. But my fingers are crossed… A brand new DS store opens Wed 11th in home city of Bellevue! Maybe the will release a few days earlier as part of their grand opening festivities!

  • quercy says:

    Since line 1 is behind us now, what about voting for the best cars released in each category
    I would vote for :

    Line 1 – Tach-O-Mint
    TOON – Chuy
    Story Tellers – Santa Car
    Special Editon – LMQ Storm SDCC

    • jestrjef says:

      Sniff, sniff …. I think I smell a contest coming … Met?? πŸ˜€

    • John in Missouri says:

      My Votes:

      Line 1 – Red
      TOON – El Materdor
      Story Tellers – Showstoppers
      Special Editon – Blu-Ray McQueen

    • Jack says:

      Line 1- Wrecked Mood Springs
      Deluxe- Frank
      Storytellers- Showstoppers
      Toon single- Bye Bye car
      Toon mega- El Materdor
      Special Edition- Ransburg Mater with Rubber tires.Β 

      Honorable mentions- all categories.Β 
      Racers, Tachomint, FWD
      Like 1- Lizzie, Hank Halloween Murphy
      Deluxe- Leroy Traffik with snow tires, Bessie
      Toon singles- Cho, Patakoa
      Toon deluxe- All the HMM cars
      Special edition- BlurayΒ 
      Reindeer Mater, Donna Pitts, Bubba, Dexter with Checkered Flag, Rodney the Rocker and the list goes on.Β 
      Cars 2 so far- Michael Camino, Holley & the big Sumo wrestler.Β 
      But the Queen and Royal guard cars look so cool too.
      Favorite new product Lights and sounds by far.Β 

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      Line 1 – Todd Pizza Truck
      runners-up – Frank, Mater w/lamp, wrecked Mood Springs

      TOON – Chuy
      runners-up – HM Mater w/wings, Ransburg Dragon McQueen, Bye bye Kar

      Story Tellers – Bubba
      runners-up – Showgirls(any), Wedding Day Ramone, Reindeer Mater

      Special Editon – Barry Diesel
      runners-up – Red Ransburg McQueen, Ransburg Rescue Squad Mater, Blu-Ray McQueen

    • sodabear says:

      Line 1: RDMS/ Runner up:Todd
      Toon: Bye Bye Kar/ HMM
      Storytellers: Rhonda/ Snow Day Sally (I’ve only seen pics of her, actually, but she sure is cute)
      Special Edition: Blu-ray/ Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater

      Honorable mention shoutouts to: Mrs. King, Frank, metallic King, ransburg RSM, Derek Decal Dobbs, and Edwin Kranks



  • Jenyelle says:

    I want too…. I live in Brasil!!!

  • valeria says:

    Alguien sabe donde se consiguen los autos nuevos? en que jugueteria?
    Muchas gracias, soy de Argentina

  • Dolly says:

    Really nice.
    I just wish Carla was so shinny as she looks on pics. At least as single 1:55

  • DDD says:

    Surprised they put Lightning and Francesco together…I’m guessing they’d be the two most popular. I was in Orlando yesterday and stopped in one of the big Disney Stores…their diecasts are really nice, and look so good in those boxes. (Maybe it’s also because they’re all that’s available now.) And a great value…I also saw the Mickey and Goofy set at EPCOT…$20!! I showed it to my nephew and fortunately he wasn’t interested. A bit steep. (They also oddly had dozens of Padres among the gift shops there.)

  • bobbyjack says:

    Instead of McQueen and Francesco w/ different expressions, why not do some of the other race cars? Actually, it looks like Francesco has the same expression. I’ll wait until Mattel does them. If they don’t, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  • boogity says:

    yep , carla looks a lot better in this scale, as she doesnt have that stupid two piece nose a la 1.55

  • jestrjef says:

    Ok … Ok …. you got me …. I bought the light up tunerz … only Disney Store Cars I have …. I just might end up having to buy these … BUT THATS IT!! NO MORE … PLEASE …. I cannot take it!! πŸ˜†

  • John in Missouri says:

    With the exception of Frank, I just cannot get excited about Disney Store offerings like this. What we need is Disney Store Bessie!

  • Mr. T says:

    Wow….Those are pretty neat.

    Now Jerry Recycled Batteries can eat his words…. “Turn on your head lights you moron!” πŸ˜€

  • LUCA says:

    Neeeeeeeeed them!!!! Too Cool !!!
    Anyone can find them for me???

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