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Disney Pixar CARS: The TRU Wood CARS + Mack Recall?

“K (Carkiya)” was nice enough to send us pics of his kid’s TRU exclusive Wooden CARS …

Very nice … not a lot of other properties where you can build two Mattel versions (1:55 & mini adventures) of Radiator Springs along with a Disney Store version, a GeoTrax version and now a wood version (plus a couple RC versions).

See, there is bright side to all those foreclosures down the street, each house can house another scale version of Radiator Springs.

You can find links to all the TRU wood CARS available online from our last post.

And I’m guessing you can attach the Thomas & Brio ones to this?

Very cute!

Thanks for the great pics, “K (Carkiya)”

He also notes that Mack seems to have been recalled …

And I believe the main “original” Lightning McQueen can only be bought with Mack …

No one is sure why but “Rumber74” sent along this pic the other day …

Not exactly sure why there are small magnets on Mack but could this be the reason? Or lead?

This recall list from the CPC should be accurate and there is no Mack on there so it might be a mistake as they are still on the store shelves but the registers won’t ring them up.

Didn’t WM think one of the Mater’s was on the recall list?

(And okay, this seems like a good idea to recall on many levels … I know you wanted CARS but we got you this aromatherapy kit – maybe I’m just old fashioned – do kids wants to create their own aromatherapy oils? Or will there be one for CARS 2? – JAKKS Pacific® Recalls Spa Factory™ Aromatherapy Kits Due to Explosion and Projectile Hazards)

But other than explosion, fire hazard, spewing chemicals, blast radius oils and flying glass – fun for kids of all ages!

Thanks K (Carkiya) & Rumbler74 for pics and info.

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6 January 2011 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 7 Comments


  • pixarminiman says:

    where do you get sheriff

  • Rob says:

    The recall was based on the incompatibility of Mack with the wooden track. They believed it would cause frustration among buyers and voluntarily recalled the item while new ones would be manufactured.

    (MET: Sounds better – thanks!)

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    These are really really cool looking. But yeah, the TRU around here do not seem to be moving them. I might have gone this route a few years ago, as Manifold Jr. was heavily into wooden trains at the time, and we could have mixed the track and worlds together possibly. Now may be kind of an odd time to introduce a premium-priced wooden toy though, especially the Brio/Thomas style track and vehicle. The golden age of Brio and Thomas wooden trains (sales) seems to have passed. Brio’s US operations have even gone out of business I think, and Thomas doesn’t seem so hot at retail as of lately. Alicia – you are a master of faces – love the current one…. >:(

  • Jack says:

    Cute set up. Maybe if my son was younger I would have done a wood set up. It’s strictly diecast for us. Although I am concerned with the diecast to plastic and other fillers ratio for the diecast line lately. The cars have been getting lighter and lighter.
    It seems Mattel is using more nanotechnology lately and whereas the cars may look great they are making them with less metal and cheaper. Some of the pictures of the Cars 2 cars look like much plastic was used. I am anxious to get them in Hand and see for myself.
    I do know that all and all this wood Line has been a total flop so far judging by how my TRUs are loaded with them. They haven’t been moving at all. Way overpriced too.

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