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Super Bowl Parking – Priced Like the Super Bowl of Parking
Posted in Sports on 28 January 2011
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If you found cheaper tickets than the $23,000 Jetsetter package … maybe it’s not a great idea to drive there … Hey, there’s no hidden fees – what more could anyone ask for? Maybe it’s just me but for $1,000 to park for 6 hours, I’d like to be carried into the stadium by the […]

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Next Toon Deluxe (Oversized)
Posted in Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 28 January 2011
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The next Toon Deluxe CAR is … Music Video Mater. It looks like the rest of the case is Frightening McMean, UFM Helicopter, UFM Hummer and Tokyo Mater with Oil Stain. That leaves only El Materdor un-accounted for. CHECKLIST.

Disney Pixar CARS2 – The Countdown Begins
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3 on 28 January 2011
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Somewhere in the right column is the countdown to CARS 2, the movie. It’ll move up the column as we get closer … We’re presuming the first showing is around 11 AM Eastern time. (And you can add 24 hours to a second countdown for a certain US retailer who will have a 6th rubber […]