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Canadian Tire Toys Coupon: Finally Canada!

Yes, Canadian Tires sells more than just tires … they also see inner tubes and snow tires. 🙂

No, they also sell toys … in fact, a couple years ago, this had this oddity,


(Yep, they pyramid stacked a bunch of older CARS … apparently Canadians will buy anything in the shape of a pyramid – I know, we shouldn’t stereotype). 🙂

But if you spend $14.99 on toys, they’ll give you $5 back with this coupon. (PDF link)

Anything usual or interesting CARS?? can you get $5 off Paul Valdez hauler?

(Original post from way back when).

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5 December 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 5 Comments


  • Daniel says:

    I have several hundred dollars in Canadian Tire money, but there aren’t any Cars there to spend it on!!!

    I did however use that money to buy a $350 ratchet set on sale for $100.

  • Dekoy says:

    i already did a scan of the canadian tires, but nothing of cars related interest.

    The only thing that i thought was interesting was they had the Super Mario fires in a 6 pack, which you can find at WM and TRU, but it was interesting to see it here.

    The above reposted pic of this set i recall years ago seeing on the shelf, can’t remember the price, but remember saying, why are there some of the same cars in the same pack? (as is also evident in the photo above)

    What was the poster included of?

  • Kevin W says:

    My mother-in-law came to visit us from Canada this week. She brought me a surprise… Nitroade and Octane Gain pit crews from Zellers. What a sweet heart! The recept says she only paid $13.39 each. What a deal! I will let her know about the Canadian Tire coupon. We love to shop Canadian Tire when we visit. Lots of fond memories from that store as the years have gone by.

    • deal or no cars says:

      13.39$ was a good price when it was on sale at 33% off.. I would have been happy to buy these at this price.. but our Zellers in Montreal had no more when the Special was on .. and they never received their “supposed to be” second shipment !

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