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One of Big Mysteries of Universe Solved – “How Much Did it Cost AOL to Send All Those CD-ROM’s in the 1990’s?”
Posted in Internet, Retail on 28 December 2010
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For those alive in the 1990’s … every few days if not EVERYDAY, AOL would send out diskettes, CD-ROM’s and DVD’s in hopes you would slip in your computer and the AUTORUN would take over from there … (well, at least on PC’s). The rarest AOL disc offer? The one on an 8.25″ floppy disk […]

Free Books for Kindle For Kindle, iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
Posted in Apple, iPhone on 28 December 2010
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Whether you got a Kindle unit or if you have the free Kindle App running on your Apple device, Amazon is offering some free Kindle books. There are two ways you can do this. If you’re viewing this on a computer, you can log in this page of free Kindle books on Amazon and scroll […]

Disney Pixar CARS: New Disney Store “White” Tractor
Posted in Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 28 December 2010
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“David D.” found something interesting in the Disney Store … A White Tractor … I have never looked closely at the scenes with the cows-tractors, are there mostly white ones intermixed with the tan & brown ones? The back of the card still shows the older design but that may not mean much as Disney […]