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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Canadian Pyramid of CARS

Maybe this is what happened to our Costco “9-pack.”

Maybe it migrated to Canada as the “Canadian Tire 10-pack.”

According to “PirateDad,” our Canadian correspondent – they are totally random and with no particular pattern. As you can see it’s a mix of US & International cards …


They have basically stacked a row of 4-3-2 & 1 WORLD OF CARS card CARS to form a “pyramid.” Yes, this box appears to contain TWO Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet – woohoo!

This seems to be a decent starter set – well other than you might not need two Mario Andretti’s and two McQueen’s … and wow, no Ramone’s to be found …

Unfortunately, it’s no bargain hunters delight …


As PirateDad notes, “It’s $49.99 plus 13% tax, so $56.49 with the US dollar being almost even right now.”

The back is very cool though … it’s the 2009 poster reproduced …


PD mentions there is a poster – I’m not sure if the poster is shrink wrapped flat as we see above or the back is the poster?

PirateDad also notes that, “These will most likely go on clearance after Christmas as Canadian Tire only stocks toys for Christmas!!”

So, maybe we’ll check with PD after December 26 … or would that be after Boxing Day in Canada … which okay, ignorant American that I am, I do not know what it is but sounds fun to say.

So, happy random box set collecting and Happy Boxer Day? Or is it Boxing Day?

Thanks, “PirateDad” for the pics and info.

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22 October 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 37 Comments


  • NeoSK says:

    Collectors don’t buy these boxes, so it shouldnt be called “collector pack”

  • kevin roche says:

    so thats what they do with all those peg wormers

    • Murpheeie says:

      No, they send them over here, I bought 25 singles (all they had) at TRU in Derry tonight:

      Lightning McQueen x 19
      Chuki x 1
      Ramone x2
      Doc x 2
      Dinoco Pitty x1

      It was for the promo!

      PS Met, can I be the Take 5 Ireland correspondent?

      (MET: Of course … you do control an army of kids, right? 🙂 ).

  • heinz57baby says:

    This is the worse possible place for them to show up. This is the store that started the trend of usless clerks. It’s like it’s a job requirement not to be able to help the customer:

    Where can I find the mixing bowls? – We don’t sell mixing bowls.
    They’re avertised in this week’s flyer. – Oh, um, over there somewhere.
    There aren’t any left on the shelf. Do you have anymore bowls in stock?
    – Not sure.
    Can you go check? – Um, okay.
    (Gone for 20 minutes)
    Did you find anything? – No, sorry, we don’t have any helmets left.
    I was looking for bowls. – Oh yeah. No, we don’t have any of those either.

    You know they never checked, and you have to either get angry, demanding to see the manager or go search the store, hoping to find what you’re looking for. Now it seems like the norm at more stores, but it’s not right. It’s bad enough to What happened to customer service?

    I’m not going to Canadian Tire unless they have other things to choose from, because I don’t have anymore patience for this foolishness.

    (MET: Too funny … well, maybe not to you … Do they sells tires there?)

  • indy says:

    Nice box but nothing new!But speaking off looking in different shops,this is really the thing to do!!!You can not believe in how many different kinds of stores they sell Hot Wheels and Cars in Belgium!
    There are about 15 big toystore companies and other big companies where they sell everything including toys!Together they have about 60 stores in A 25km radius from where I live in Antwerp.
    And there are about 20 small independent toysellers in the area too!
    Now these are the store most people do not know about, except locals who live there,and they sometimes have different stuff!
    Today I went to A big mall with 6 toycompanies in or around it and found nothing new or older than 2 years(I also collect classic toys)!
    But on the way home the bus took A different road because off maintenance on the road and so I passed A very small independent store and between everything else it had toys in small letters written on the window!
    I got off the bus immidiately to check it out!
    Very small store very dark in the back A friendly lady who lets you do your business A was happy as A child!Found two sets off Micro Machines from 1989.A Star Wars maquette in box from 1992.A matchbox Thunderbirds rocket on blister from 1986.A str crash derby motor set in the box from 1978(AMAZING)!But they also had some newer stuff and I found 3 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts from 2008 and last but not least the megasize Elvis and Hummer Sven from Cars(Not yet to be found anywhere in Belgium at retail)
    My day was perfect!Expect nothing and get it all,that’s destiny!
    Keep hunting everybody!!!

    (MET: I was going for the chocolate, lace and waffles but now, I have a new reason 🙂 ).

  • jmularczyk says:

    Dang, they always get all the best stuff in Canada first. I wood give my left two lug nuts for somethin like that there. 🙂

  • CanadianSteve says:

    Just came back from a Canadian Tire near my work. They had everything in overstock so I asked a guy to bring them down. One of the best sets they had was Fillmore and Doc in pit crew gear. Mcqueen as Air Jordan, Darrell Cartrip and Fred. wish I had the coin to buy it today.

  • PirateDad says:

    As far as the poster does, I am pretty sure it is inside the box…the picture above is of the back of the box, but I am quite certain there is an actual poster in there too!

    What surprised me was the RANDOMNESS of the case….there were 20 cases in the Canadian Tire I was in and NOT ONE was identical to another…strange!!!

    IF anyone wants them, I wood wait until after Christmas as I am certain they will go on sale… Bucklands Blowout, DVRead, and I wood be happy to help!

    Sigh…we finally get something DIFFERENT and it is pretty sucky!!!

    The Take5 Canadian Correspodennt,

  • Monica says:

    Certainly does look like something you would find at Costco. Maybe a Costco buyer got wise and said heeeeey, these are all old release Cars, nevermind Mattel!

  • dvread says:

    Thanks for the heads-up PD.
    I will stop by Canadian Tire to see what is around, and if they have made it to the Montreal area. There may be a few “random” sets with a good mix of cars…..

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Nice way to blow out excess inventory! Too bad the workers did not check for duplicates in the same package. Also, nice to get the K-Mart 3 give away poster. I’m a little surprised Mattel wasn’t forced to print an English/French poster for the set.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    What bites about this set is that it has all the same WOC backs that came out already internationally. We never saw anything after CASE G or H in the WOC lineup.

    Matty lost something in translation that’s for sure…

    (I’d like to box him someday…)

  • buckland-blowouts says:


    As far as I was told, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when people took the empty boxes from gifts they received, filled them with food-goods or other gifts ,which were then given to the less fortunate people in the community.

    Kinda nice – Although we have never actually done the like ourselves…

  • iamspeed says:

    Nobody mentioned the TWO Fabulous Hudson Hornet Crew Chiefs in the 2nd box!

  • Jonny2Scarves says:

    This is off topic, but have any UKers received their Toys R Us promo car yet? I know it said wait 28 days for delivery, so I guess it’s one more week to wait. Wonder what we’ll get, anybody have any proper insider info, not just speculation?!


  • Dolly says:

    Is that a My name is Not Chuck in the last box???? PD, pleaseeeee, let me know when taht one goes on clearance…. 🙂

    P.S.: where do they have those sets?

  • MiaSenorita says:

    Hahahaha. I want that one with the 2 Marios! Watch that one for clearance for me PD!

  • jestrjef says:

    WOW . . .. trade bait . . . .for somebody . .. on THE MOON . . . jeez . . .random assortments too . . . Life is like a box o cars . . . you never know what your gonna get . . .

  • John in Missouri says:

    THAT’S where all the big Fred’s went!!!

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