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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Shopping Roundup

Vinyl Toupee & Shifty Drug Haulers have hit the West Coast …

What else is in the case? Seems to be Target only so far …

Thanks for the pics, Dvorack1.

TRU is having a sale on megasize (MTT & regular) – must buy two.

This might explain why we have not gotten many megasize releases recently – too many clotting the shelves …

The Sarge Boot Camp Box Set is listed as clearance at $24.99 – $5 off original.

Last hurrah.

First hurrah.

While not the greatest box set ever, it’s not bad – especially since the Movie Moments are gone, this is your only chance to get red Mia & Tia and of course, Tow & Ron Hover are not very easy to find so a nice starter set.

These have finally gotten released – first post.

And the Mattel Tyco RC Dragon McQueen is also out …

How does it compare to the Disney Store RC’s?

For Playmobil fans – TRU.

And Target has a Route 66 Wall Art …

Happy shopping!

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20 April 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 50 Comments


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