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Finally, The Movie We Have All Been Waiting For – Battleship!
Posted in Film on 21 April 2010
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Yep, the board game … Sadly, it won’t be a philosophical musing about life, liberty and the pursuit of wisdom during a heated Battleship gamesmanship between Stephen Hawking and Adrianna Lima … with the climatic ending 2 hours and 42 minutes later … (ELECTRONIC VOICE) “You sank my battleship!” Instead, the story is apparently, ” […]

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Tokyo Mater CARS – More Europe
Posted in Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 21 April 2010
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Yes, it’s ash Wednesday every Wednesday now in Europe but they do have more Tokyo Mater CARS … Cho. Um, candy. And ready for her lenticular closeup … um, just saying … And NINJA! Nitro Boost and Toyota brakes – it’s crashing with style! The US G Case is this, I think … A nice […]