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Celebrate Earth Day Tomorrow – Free Coffee & Food Made From Earth’s Molecules!
Posted in Food on 14 April 2010
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Happy Earth Day to my favorite planet! (And there’s not even a close second) To celebrate, Starbucks will buy you a free cup of coffee (aka: give you some coffee) on April 15th. It’s only fitting as there’s almost as moss as there are Starbucks on Planet Earth, they will buy you a free cup […]

Disney Pixar CARS: Go Pound Sand … Okay! As Long As It’s Moon Sand!
Posted in Toys on 14 April 2010
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I believe actual moon sand is very, very expensive so I’m guessing this is one of those ‘cute name’ things … I could be wrong – did we go back to the moon to scoop more sand up while I was working on a CARS website? So, yea, I’d like to Radiator Springs sculpted in […]