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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Storytellers Release 2.0

This post is mostly a repeat of an earlier post but now with new photos that were shown off at the Atlanta Diecast Show:

The first go-around of the Storytellers series was a big hit …

Make that a surprise hit. Well, maybe not to us πŸ™‚

Hence, the giant gap between Release 1.0 & Release 2.0 but then again, Target doesn’t seem to mind taking down displays only to put them up again later.

The new lineup is this …


Of the 5 original 3-packs, 2 are returning exactly as they were … (there are rumors that this package design may change but no real proof just yet).

And two are being re-arranged in a slightly more logical 3-pack though not exactly 100% logical …


BN Mater is subbed in for Flo who moves to a new re-packed 3-pack below …


So basically, Flo & BN Mater switch places in these two three-packs.

It does make more sense that Wedding Day Ramone & Flo are in one 3-pack versus before … though of course, Tractor while nice to have him available is not exactly the first character you think of when you think of Flo & Ramone’s wedding day.

The ONE Storyteller 3-pack NOT returning in any form is Red & Luigi & Guido.

The original Storytellers 3-packs are all shown here in this post.

What’s new for the three-packs?

The “names of the packs” are slightly vague but “Hoodwinked Mater Cousins” presumably means a three pack of his three cousins.


Cousin Buford, Cousin Cletus & Cousin Jud.

There isΒ  also a “Showstoppers” 3-pack – presumably the three other ‘showgirls.’


Besides, Flo of course …Here’s Rhonda …


Laverne & Sheila.

The other “new” 3-pack is “Hoodwinked,” presumably that one will have Bubba …

Bubba Side

Bubba, Mater’s nemesis.

Bubba Front

As you can see from the unpainted proto, HUGE!


So, presumbly this will be only a two pack or maybe they will include Statue Stanley (other than Red, the only other “townie” in Hookwinked) as it’s a lot of metal to include in a 3-pack.

(More Bubba proto pics in this post).

And some will be available as singles … some repeats, some returning Storytellers and some back for the 11th time πŸ™‚


When? That’s the difficult question since it’s Target. They like to surprise even themselves πŸ™‚ but it’s looking like the Fall reset?

So, it’s going to be one crazy August-September with Mater Tall Tales, the “Classics” returning along with more haulers, and the return of Movie Moments?

But for Storytellers -7 NEW Storytellers CARS, 7 3-packs (3 new) and 14 Storyteller singles total.

Collect them all!


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