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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The New Aroldo Apple Customs

I guess Aroldo was sitting around and was bored of looking at his masterpiece 🙂


So, he updated his Apple hauler – of course, the Apple race team is going to take more than one truck to the race …

Mac iCar will arrive in his swanky trailer that will have all the latest Apple iGear …

Apple trailer sode
Um yea, good luck topping this custom 🙂

Apple Trailer Side
Just too nice!

Apple Trailer Back
And of course, Aroldo needs a new challenge – why not create a masterpiece on a tiny canvas?

Apple Mini Front
Too cute and too cool!

Apple Mini Side2
Just amazing detailing …

Apple Mini Top
Guess it’ll be a long wait before we actaully see this on the shelf.

Apple Mini back
Well, I have some of these … I think I’m missing one of these?

Apple Mini race Row
Mini Speedway of the South, why has thou forsaken us?

Aroldo Pongetti’s other Apple customs are here.


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28 June 2009 diecast, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 35 Comments


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