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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Storytellers Visual Checklist-Part 1: 3-Packs

Of course, nearly everything you want to know about Storytellers is in THIS POST.

Since I’m not yet complete on the singles pack, here is the visual checklist for the three-packs first. In theory, Target will put these out on the shelf on the 19th but as usual, it’s like liar’s dice … round and round the horn – until you get an answer you like 😉

The repeat CARS essentially are the same as the other releases – the only difference is that while marked Guido, it’s really Pit Crew Member Guido though missing the tool chest … and he has the 4 small incorrect tires as his stack of tires. Of course, with a “grungy” CAR like Rusty or Dusty that require a final wash, there will always be minute differences but as for the three packs, there are no obvious variants (of course, Fred is now re-scaled).

The two new Ramones are freakin’ gorgeous – Wedding Day Ramone has the sparkly luminescence in the paint – another classy touch in production for CARS. And yes, they are a few bucks more for essentially packaging but it is nice packaging, the velco is strong, the front design hooks over the heavy gauge blister … and every blister seems to be firmly glued so a few bucks more but definitely first class.

Time to get rid of those Time-Life books you’ve been meaning to read and class up the joint 🙂 …

Wave 2 Storytellers.

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