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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart Piston Cup Racers 9 – Here & Open

9 Simple CARS …

1,700 comments on TakeFiveADay.com (including taking down one webhost 🙂  ).

4,000 text messages

39,000,000 visits to Kmart.com

38,156,000 visits to a error page at Kmart.com

11,523 emails from or to Kevin NascarBroncosFans.

13 Heart Attacks.

563 Full Fledged Panic attacks.

0 Emails from Kmart.com notifying us the cases were on sale 🙂

67,452 Phone Calls.

54 Productive Phone Calls.

1 Attempt to Order 1,200 cases from overseas.

24,567 Extra Miles Driven.

11,145 Trees Chopped Down on the Amazon.

278 Calls to relatives you haven’t spoken to since the wedding in 1997.

1 Divorce (Kate & Jon but who didn’t see that coming).

But hey, they are nice CARS.

Kmart Racers + One
Okay, there is one special CAR only available one to every 18,000 cases 🙂 … or by emailing a certain artist-creator.

It was a nice box … but I think there was less man-hours spent building the Panama Canal than the burning of an oil tanker of gasoline, underseas cables, satcom time & interwebs in the past weeks in figuring out how to deliver 800 boxes via UPS and another 19,000 to the stores …

Kmart Racers + TwoToo crazy 🙂

Yep, I have cracked them all open and the rubber tires are nice …they feel nice and they roll nice.

Bumper Save
In comparing the CARS to the “regular” re-releases, there seems to be no real difference in the quality nor are there any obvious variations to the normal design. In other words, no eye color changes. There are some slight differences in the weight but strangely, some of the ‘rubber tire’ versions weigh less and others weigh more than the plastic tire versions.

For those playing at home, Bumper Save goes from plastic to rubber (1.543 oz to 1.443 oz) but Mood Springs gains (from 1.512  to 1.538 oz) … Tow Cap loses from 1.522 to 1.511. Re-Tread gains the most from 1.453 plastic to 1.539 rubber. No Stall drops from 1.447 to 1.430 and Shifty Drug from 1.463 to 1.435 but hey, you knew that just by looking at them, right? 🙂

Of course, my scale cost almost $5.00 ($4.99 to be exact) so you know you can take that to the bank, well as long as your bank is the New Frontier Bank, of Greeley, CO.

The main difference besides the tires is the production stamp on the bottom is now some oddball new tiny size …(right side – plastic tires).

Bumper Bottom

So, if someone tries to take the WM Car Carrier Bumper Save & slap some rubber tires on it to try and sell it to you as a Kmart 9 CAR … now you know …

The two Piston Cup racers with the FIRST ever non-MSOS release are Clutch Aid & Lil Torquey Piston – both coming as launchers also later in the year. The Clutch Aid design is very GT Racing Series-ish – nice.

Tow-ShiftyNice … 7 more with rubber tires coming for Kmart CARS Day III … we might need to mobilize the National Guard for that … so after CARS Day III, we should have 16 of the 36 racers with rubber tires … don’t forget to come back for the CARS riots in 2010 🙂

ShiftyThe glamour shot.

Additional small notations. There are NO codes on the back of the name plates (an of course, the CARS are not part of the numbering sequence) and the included mini poster is poster #3.


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24 June 2009 diecast, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 81 Comments


  • Monica says:

    Mine still haven’t shown yet 🙁

  • rdivizio says:

    Yes, I have the same question and since I started late in collecting,
    what will the next 7 racers be?
    I now have the rubber 9 gang, and want to pass up the plain wheel shooters
    and hope to get the same cars in rubber.
    I only bought one shooter which was No Stall and rubber tire No Stall
    loves to now sit in his shooter instead of Mr. Plastic wheel guy. 🙂


  • ChrisIA says:

    Anyone else preorder the first day and get this:

    Dear Kmart.com Customer,

    Thank you for shopping at Kmart.com. Unfortunately, demand for the item(s) that you ordered was so great; we do not have any more in stock. Consequently, we are not charging your credit card and canceling the order for the following item(s):

    (MET: I don’t know if it’s still true but the first batch of emails like these were in error).

  • kevin roche says:

    7 more rubber tire cars–so does this mean they will release them all–36 through kmart in the rubber tires, or will it be 16 in rubber and then change all over to moving eyes or something else to drive us crazy AGAIN!!!!!

    • kevin roche says:

      sorry, will the next 7 be alot of the same already out, or will they release a couple not out, like rev-n-go, apple tach-o-mint, or the promos n20, faux wheel gask-its or sidewall

  • iamspeed says:

    The rubber tires are nice unless you put them on Tokyo Mater and Dragon Lightning McQueen, then they would NOT be able to drift.

    Drifting is so much easier on plastic tires!

  • shadow_faststart says:

    Anyone have any Kmart Cars Collector Day horror stories?

    Here’s mine:

    Got up early Saturday morning to make it to my local Kmart by 10am. Upon wandering into the store, I found a sign for Cars Collector day, but no other signs of Cars. So, I cruised on to the toy section where I quickly spotted a short card Mario with red wheels. While I was looking back there, one of the employees asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I told him I was waiting for the Cars Collector event at 11:00am and he informed me that he was the one in charge and that they had not received their shipment the day before, but were supposed it have it delivered by FedEx by 11:00am. So, I bought my red wheeled Mario, and sat in the front of the store waiting for 11:00am to arrive. 11:00am came and went with no sign of new Cars, so I found the guy I had spoken with earlier and asked him what was up. Apparently, they still had not received their FedEx delivery. So, I waited another 30 minutes and finally got fed up. I asked if I could leave my cell # with them for when the shipment did arrive and they cordially accepted my proposal, promising to call me as soon as the Cars arrived and telling me that I would get first pick, since I had been there the longest.

    I NEVER got a call from them.

    However, there is a happy ending to my story. On my way into work Monday morning, I decided to stop by a Kmart close to my place of employment, and low and behold! They had 4 cases that had been LIGHTLY picked over! So, I was able to get everything I wanted!

    So, I guess I now know which Kmart to go to during the next Cars Collector event — and it won’t be the one I live closest to!

  • Nascarfan says:


    11,523 emails from or to Kevin NascarBroncosFans.

  • RPM64 says:

    I can not wait until the next cars day!Also all of the rubber tire cars are very nice.

  • iamspeed says:

    I’m hoping that before it’s all said and done, there will be a release of the “BUGS” that we see on the windows at the “Wheel Well” and at the end of CARS when Van and Mini are wandering about out in the desert.
    I’d like either a “set” of smaller bugs, or a non-scale larger version, offering more detail.
    Moving wings would be a nice touch.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I think the biggest motivating factor was the fact most folks were hoping these would bring $$$ like the first series….

    This can be evidenced by the 3,000+ eBay auctions so far….

  • ashly says:

    that’s really interesting i like it very much this is a nice collection of cars y want o keep it mby myself

  • Aaron and Jeanne from Joplin Missouri says:

    Woo hoo we just got one of our cases and it’s correct!!!!

  • bhutsell says:

    So just got an email from KMart saying my two cases from the first day of pre-orders are “Processing”, even though the order has been “Processing” for a week already…

  • MackDaddy says:

    Funny how this year all the Kmart days body types are Nitroade. Last years Kmart exclusives mixed the different body types together.(i.e. Nitroade=Shiny Wax, Leakless=Sparemint, RPM=Viewzeen) Can anyone, (Met), with a SOTS set give us a breakdown as to the count of each body type? I think I read that Jr. is Nitroade in that set.

    • MackDaddy says:

      To answer my own question from a pic I have, Nitroade=15, Leakless=9, RPM=9, 1 king, 1 Chick & 1 McQueen = 36.

      • John in Missouri says:

        We’re still waiting for Racers 37 to 43!!

        • John in Missouri says:

          I think it’s our “Finding Nemo” DVD, but we have an earlier preview of “Cars”, where Lightning is #57 and has a different sponsor than Rust-Eze. Similarly, the other racers are a lot different than the actual movie. Has anyone ever tried to pick-off what other sponsors there might be from this preview?

          (MET: In the queue of posts – have to clean up 35 screenshots …).

  • LiamsMom says:

    Good to know the stats! One divorce, that’s sad. The straw that broke the camel’s back was Jon not using his $5 off coupon when purchasing his cars.

  • ScoobyDoo says:

    1 Calm & collected

    (because NascarBroncoFan has bought a case for me)

  • Aaron and Jeanne from Joplin Missouri says:

    this post is great!! i love all the info haha which is why we are addicted!! lol 🙂 cant wait til cars day 3! … i hope our 2 preorder cases are the right ones because if not it looks like the ones that people are missing are the vitoline pitty ahhh!! i hope our case is right lol .. we went back to our kmarts just in case to try to find one, lol and of course all of them were gone! lol sooo we will see 🙂

  • TarheelBill says:

    Nice post Met! Great information as always. I got them all on Saturday. Pre-order cases haven’t shown up yet. Hope they come soon as I have some friends waiting for some. What about taking orders for the TakeFiveADay Car, say for the Christmas season, and doing something good and charitable with a portion of the profit. Or would it be impossible to produce that many without a Mattel production line? 🙂 Just a thought…I know you could sell a ton of them. Or maybe do a T Shirt with the TakeFiveADay Car on it. That would be cool.

  • Mr. T says:


    If I open my ‘rubber tires’ racers and put them into my collect one of each opener collection…..and I opt NOT to get the hard tire counterparts……does that run the purity of the collection?????

    Yeah, yeah………I know collect them all! Just thought I would throw this out there and see what came back.

  • bhutsell says:

    So after picking up a spare set of racers yesterday morning, and leaving three or four sets, I went back last night to get a set for a Take5er, and the store was nearly cleaned out. 7 racers and a lot of Lightnings and Pattis were left.

    Went to another K-Mart this morning, and they said a guy (same guy, I’m assuming) had bought all they had yesterday.


  • L8rM8r says:

    Nice I have not opened mine up yet as I am looking for more space to display them properly. I need more room. It is time to buy that bigger house so I can expand my cars collection and display them properly.

  • uncle skippy says:

    And a Partridge in a Pear Tree….

  • TowMater69 says:

    Met, you bought a scale that measures to 3 decimal places to weigh cars? That’s one heck of an excuse in case there is a police raid!

  • bmc says:

    Will the Tfad car come in a “real” rubber tires version, too?

  • Hey Met,
    Maybe the weight change has little or nothing to do with the tire change and more to do with the thickness (or lack thereof) of the paint on a particular car? Thoughts?

    (MET: Yea, in some cases, a .XX of a gram change is pretty insignificant …).

  • cac1959 says:

    They are very nice… I’ve filled 3 display cases with singles and am now going to have to get another one… There’s no space left on the wall either…

    Now if I can just get delivery of my pre-order cases…

    Piston Cup Racers with rubber tires… collect them all!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Very funny post, Met! But was the “priceless” punchline too easy, and therefore not used?

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