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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Race O Rama Mini Posters (REVISED)

The first poster included with the first release of CARS under the RACE O RAMA motif & design was this one-sided poster:

It was replaced by this two-sided version for most of the Race O Rama series.


This poster is of course, folded under the mainline singles CAR so it’s on the “grass.” This was the poster was most of the ROR releases.

Poster#3 for the last mainline singles ROR case …


Available ONLY in CASE H and in CASE K (M1054-998H & M1054-998K)

The lenticulars gets poster #4 with some changes:

It looks like all the CARS represented now are lenticular CARS.

Thanks for noticing and heads up, HolyGeekboy … yep, this is poster #4 or poster #5 if you count international.

International releases received this poster …



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  • Ryan says:

    So are these still technically part of the Race O Rama series??

    (MET: Technically, yes).

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    I Hope you realize I was bein’ sarcastic… (After re-readin’ the postin’ I left – It sounded like I have a grade two education)

    I was tryin’ to say that if we were international, like the label on the map says, we should have a ROR single or two on the pegs by now…

    Matty still blows…

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Is Canada considered international?

    (Sorry Dude-Met-Dude if you already answered this…)

    (MET: CARS, yep … those are the GREAT Lakes after all, not just a middling lake and all those shipwrecks … the trade winds just won’t carry them to shore … but someday, son, we will be able to make a magic substance where the roads will be smooth and donkeys will be able to travel great distances – up to 5 miles a day ferrying goods of all kinds including Mattel 1:55 CARS … the 19th century will be an amazing place!)

  • L8rM8r says:

    Yeah my son loves these little posters. He likes to look through and remind me if we are missing at. “I don’t have that one or that one” you know the deal.

  • BMW says:

    Still haven’t seen lenticular yet. My Walmart is falling behind. At least I would like to see one before saying yes or probably no.

    • LiamsMom says:

      A Wal-mart that I have my Mom scope out for us, said they weren’t scheduled to get any cases of cars until August due to sales dropping off. Yikes!!

  • Laurence says:

    still see tons of night vision mcqueens on all the pegs with the collector guide that nobody seems interested in acquiring…

  • Brown Fury says:

    Saw the remnants of 2 cases of lenticulars this evening, YAWN (of course Sarge and Ferrari were gone…). These would better be suited as a “one-off” rather than a replacement for our beloved cars. I’ll be skipping lenticulars altogether (‘cept maybe for the chasers)!

  • PirateDad says:

    Should we collect them all?? Or should we tell them to stop making them and lower the price increase?

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