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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Other Mini’s From the Kmart Cases

In the slight hub-bub regarding the Piston Cup racers from the Kmart CARS Day & cases … a couple CARS have been forgotten.

Mini Front

MiniIt’s MINI!

Finally …

Of course, it’s unclear why she’s this shade of purple versus the more mauve-purple from the film … but maybe after you go through Crazy Days at Shakopee, MN, you’re never the same


Mini Mauve
Easy boys, she’s married …

Mini Back

And of course, the “I-thought-you-paid-for-the-GPS-map-update,” Van the man who is a Van.

Mini & Van
Yep, at one point, there was talk of Movie Moment 2-pack of the “Lost Mini & Van.” I think it’ still happening but check back in 2010 …

And the other mini CAR in the Kmart CASE K box?

Vitoline Pitty!

Yes, his “spare” tires are all black, no green rims … though many people are reporting they are also finding a version where the included tool chest is blue and not green (as an error accessory).

Vitoline Team
The Vitoline race team … they just aren’t the same since Vitoline fell asleep and as a gag, the others racers sandblasted off his metal grill mustache … he sure is a sound sleeper.


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