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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Aroldo Custom – Artie’s Assistant

I’m sure Aroldo Pongetti spent many sleepless nights knowing that Artie, the TV Director did not have his technical assistant next to him 🙂


As you know, he sent us his artwork of converting Snot Rod into Artie …


Then of course, he spent countless sleepless nights knowing that Artie needed his assistant 🙂


Here he is!

asst Back

Great as always …

side back

Aroldo sent over the comparison pic – accidentially misplaced it …

Dext & Asst

While I can’t make anything nearly as nice, maybe PirateDad can sell us some tiny sheets of plywood and 2×4’s to throw into the back of Dexter Hoover 🙂

Thanks Aroldo!


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