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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: SD Comic Con TakeFive Discussion Panel & T-Shirts

For those who are going to SD Comic Con – please stop by on Sunday at 2 PM – Room 5AB.

Martin Arriola, & Ryan Gleason of Mattel will be joined by Alan Porter, the writer of the CARS comic book to talk about CARS – I know, how will they fill an hour?  🙂

It’s SUNDAY, July 26, 2009 at SD Comic Con – ROOM 5AB – 2:00 PM. There is no additional charge nor is there a ticket required (you do need a Sunday ticket for SDCC), just show up at 1:45 PM on Sunday just in case you’d like to meet and talk about CARS. 🙂

As sponsor of this event, I was able to get a Sunday pass for Kevin-NascarBroncoFan but we’re still waiting to hear back from SDCC if another ticket can be transferred. Thanks for the generous time and effort of David-Samurai60 and dozens of others who contributed over $350 to a send Kevin-NascarBroncoFan a thank-you fund to SD … of course, now that gas is back to $3 a gallon, guess Kevin will send us some nice pics of Moab, Utah 🙂

In additional to helping us land the panel at SDCC, Monica S. is coordinating the effort to all meet up – Friday night? So drop us a line if you’re interested. Thanks Monica!

If you’d like to help us promote the panel discussion Q&A event, we have some t-shirts designed with the art on the back so all they have to do is follow you around to room 5AB on Sunday afternoon 🙂

SDCC mater Final3 webI hope it’s not too subtle.

SDCC McQueen Final Web

A flash preview of the t-shirts plus designs by Caitlin-FPG. Thanks Caitlin!

Or you can access the new t-shirt store directly at: http://www.zazzle.com/takefiveaday*

I think you can add the logo or designs to another product even if I have not set it up, if you have comments or questions, drop me an email or comment below. I can add or adjust any items you’re interested in accordingly. If I spot you in SD with our t-shirt, I will give my eternal gratitude … I know, cheap … okay, how or some other gift 🙂 … Tumbleweed McQueen? Another t-shirt? Our magazine? A once-in-a lifetime chance to meet Martin Arriola, Ryan Gleason & Alan Porter?

See you in SD and see you Sunday!

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