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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Gask-Its Detour to France

Gask-its took a turn off of TRU-ville and is in France.


Gask-its, the engine grease filled cream biscuit, not the delicious French macaron …


Original post here – runs through August, 2009.

Rules are:

1 – Between 1st of January and 31st of August 2009, buy 4 Cars vehicles.
2 – Send your receipt.
3 – Send or copy the barcodes on each pack.
4 – Write on a paper your name and address where to receive the free car.
5 – Add a stamp in your letter.
6 – Send your letter within seven days since your latest purchase to this address:

OP Cars exclusive vehicle
Cedex 4134
99413 Paris Concours

It was a mystery car though presumed to be a Piston Cup racer … and voila!

It’s Gask-its!


Nicest Piston Cup baggie so far … is that all legalese on back?


Ummmm, creamy engine lube …

Thanks GreG for pic of the form and thanks David for pics of the CAR & baggie!

For those who forgot, Gask-Its was supposed to be the March 1, 2009 TRU Buy 5 CARS, Get a free CAR promo … but canceled for the U.S. – guess they were sent to France.


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