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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Tokyo Mater CARS … Part II

While we will start to get the Mater Tall Tales CARS this year – coming in a couple months? Tokyo Mater CARS won’t be here until 2010.

We will get them in this order: Rescue Squad Mater, & Mater the Greater definitely in 2009 & maybe El Materdor also in 2009.

So, we have a while to wait until we get an actual list of Tokyo Mater CARS coming but we can take some guesses – some are pretty safe bets, some are likely, some probable and others might be long shots but hey, they still have to fill up 2010 until CARS arrives in 2011 🙂


The “SURE BETS” were in our PART I of our post – here are the less certain ones and possible reasons …


We could get a “stock” Boost which is probably a Nissan GTR??




While it’s unlikely we see the Red, Green & Yellow Chuki’s as singles – they would be a nice box set with Tuner Mater or Tuner Boost.


There are also a couple pink Chuki’s with spoilers … probably not real high on the list of releases but box sets?


Crane is just too big to fit into any current packaging yet …


Tuner DJ’s gal pals – Mia/Tia Miata variants?


The “Geisha Girls” look like they could be “Andrea’s” (?) but they are pretty elaborate repaints with lots of deco and “geisha” hair … and of course, WE want them but it’s doubtful a retailer would understand these … they would have to be some special box set with Tuner Mater … and of course, done up right – San Diego Comic Con 2010? Or if Matty would ever wake up …

There is a LAVENDER one with pink tires, a PURPLE one with pink tires and a PINK one with yellow tires. Yea, baby …



No packaging yet for a ship lineup … maybe a carrying case?



Would you buy a wooden Mater? :-0


CONFIRMATION of the proper scale of Mike & Sully … Clearly Sully should be about the height of Dustin Mellows …


Yea, the odds are pretty slim that a larger sculpt of Sully would be done but hey, you never know now that there is a Monsters, Inc. 2 coming …


And some background CARS … bring ’em on!




So, I’d like to re-create this scene in my house … Tuner Speedway of the East playset?


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  • ciripandel says:

    Why are the most of you off the subject?!

  • ciripandel says:

    I wish I had ALL the cars in the ENTIRE tokyo mater toon!!!! IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avengr15 says:

    gotta love the green lizard looking one…

    Suuuuu-Taaah Naaaahhhh!!!

  • acuransx says:


    I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed as it seems to be everybody’s fav. It is the longest running of the 4 and you can tell Lasseter and the gang just had fun with it. There was talk here of the end song being Korean and someone was saying how dumb that was. Someone else commented that is was done on purpose just to mess around.

    If you like the Rice Rocket Japanese Tuner Culture your gonna love this short. We’re gonna have some awesome sculpts from this one.

  • MiaSenorita says:

    The fans are just as good as the main characters! I want all of the cars in the last two photos. Now I just need to watch this clip so I know what the heck is going on! Bring ’em on Martin!!!!

  • acuransx says:


    Yeah, that’s pretty cool about that endoursement from St.James on the NSX, and mine’s an ’93 as well. It’s alot more fun driving that my ’96 Corvette, makes that feel like I’m driving a wheelbarrow 🙂

    Coincidence because Danica Patrick, Swimsuit model/Race Driver is coming here to Mattel today. We have the IRL license. Looks like little ‘ole me may have to be around the Hot Wheels area today around 3:30 😉

  • rumbler74 says:

    I can’t stop watching “Karate Mate” on youtube. I absolutely love it. Cant’ get enough of it. “Karate Mate” is the spanish title given to “Tokyo Mater” short. Being bilingual, english/spanish, and knowing the Mexican actors that do the voices for the Spanish/Mexican version of the film, I have gotten to enjoy the original movie “CARS” many many times in both languages. Each version has their own unique take since they are not exactly translated the same, since they conform to certain regions. The jokes for example, mostly Maters, are hilariously different than those on the English take. So I get to laugh and enjoy it twice as much. That is the only reason I have not gotten the Blu Ray version of the film. It is only available in English and I really enjoy the Spanish version as well. Hopefully the Blu Ray will come out soon in both Spanish and English.

    Here is the link for the spanish version of “Tokyo Mater” for those interested. By the way, Tow Mater’s name in spanish is Tom Mate (tomate, spanish for tomato.) Too funny!


    • rumbler74 says:

      By the way, Cesar Bono, is the Mexican actor/comedian that voices Mater in Spanish. Personally, I thought it was a brilliant/perfect choice much like Larry the Cable Guy is to the original English version. Cesar Bono has been around in the comedy scene since the early 70’s and I have followed many of his movies and tv shows, any TAKE5ER member of Mexican descent remember CACHUN CACHUN RA RA??. His raspy voice is very much distinguishable and so unique it matches perfectly with the Mater character. Glad I found this Tokyo Mater short in Spanish as well and even happier that he is still voicing Mater. Gotta look for the others now!

  • acuransx says:


    Too funny about folding up! Yeah, and I could use the help as it’s basically 3 of us including myself doing the entire line. 🙂 No worries, we seem to git ‘er done.

    acuransx is a mid engine Japanese exotic car that came out in ’91. Kinda looks like a Ferrari, they no longer make them. I always liked them so I purchased one. I’ll have to get an avitar one day. Pixar Princess was gonna help me do that, just been a little busy here.

    • John in Missouri says:

      I used to work for Ford Motor Company, and back in early 1993 I was in a 16-week class for new Zone Managers. We’d go up to Detroit every couple weeks for 1-2 weeks of training. One day we were at the Proving Grounds where they tested new vehicles, a lot of them veiled in secrecy. Our guest for the day was Indy Racer Lyn St. James, who drove 3 of us at a time around the track at high speeds in a Taurus SHO. I asked her if she had a choice to buy any vehicle off a dealer’s lot, what would she pick? Without hesitation, she said the Acura NSX — cool huh?

  • Roswell says:

    met, too many pics! it wont load up and i cant reply to posts! :O

    hay acuransx! you looking for an apprentice ot intern at the magical cars making factory? im very good at photocopying and making cups of tea!
    and i can fold down to fit into any standerd issue office filing cabinet!

    ps: what does acuransx mean/stand for?

  • Flik'sFriend says:

    I think that I would have to buy all of these…..

  • acuransx says:

    We are doing a whole bunch of these Characters and they will be cool. The Anime eyes will not be lenticular. The Crane would be cool, gotta figure how to pack that bad boy out tho.

    JL would not let us pack him out in pieces. That’s the challenge.He sees these as living beings, we couldn’t yank his arm off. I could imagine his eyebrow going up already if I even mentioned it. LUCY!!!!!!!

    Starting to see sculpts already, will send when appropriate. Maybe @ the the Con? We’re moving pretty fast on these.

    Hope you like them when you see them. This one has the funniest ending, always makes me laugh……and I’ve seen it a million times.

  • Roswell says:

    i would like to see one of the crains made,
    even if the crain arm comes in bits so it can fit into the packaging,
    imagine of they did a diorama set for each tall tale…

    Tokyo Mater Diorama:
    Dirty Dragon MQ, Dirty Modified Mater & Crain
    with….a few plastic pipes and oil barrels and maybe the construction bits at the end of the road

    El Materdor:
    El Materdor (w/ removable hood), Scared LMQ & Bulldozer
    and maybe a playing mat of the arena…

    Mater the Greater:
    Mater the Greater, Stunt car LMQ & Mater the Greater Hauler
    with a few ramps, ring of fire caution cones ect…

    Resque Squad Mater:
    Firetruck Mater, Scared LMQ & Ambulance
    with building front that can fall apart and has a platform for MQ

    i dunno bout you lot, but i would buy them…

  • Strip Weathers says:

    But where can I watch Tokyo Mater?

    (MET: Go back a few days – links to Disney & download).

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    I want the speedway of the east!!!!! That’s the ticket baby!!!!!!

    Dude-Met-Dude – you are lovin’ this Tokyo thang as mucjh as anyone I can tell!!!

    I wish time COULD stand still and Mtty WOULD make every single one of those beautiful little Cars!!!

    Croc-Wingo is my fave – I gotta say – with Driftin’ Mater n’ McQueen a la Dragon a close second…

    But some of those fans would be OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!

  • chaisson says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off subject, but how do u get an avatar?

  • chaisson says:

    the second pic up has micheal schumacher(middle left) and van(upper left corner

  • Andrew says:

    i cant wait until they make these i love tokyo mater

  • L8rM8r says:

    There are way way to many cars in this one. They could launch an entire line based on this short. Gotta love it and can’t wait for the first ones I am sure the detailing will be amazing as always.

  • iamspeed says:

    Did anyone else notice the STRONG facial resemblance between CRANE and FRANK???? Frank’s long lost brother?

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    this is one great post. I NEED these!!!

  • TJH-AZ says:

    sorry to be a bit off subject.
    Is there anyway to download the movies?
    Watching them online is just painful with my slow broadband.


    (MET: Yep, check link in post #2 on the short)

  • Mike H says:

    Is it just me, or is that tan and brown van on the upper left of the big end-shot a colored homage to the Catbus in ‘My Neighbor Totoro?’

    just look at the smile, and he has a red emblem, which could be like the Catbus’ nose.

  • Mr.T says:

    Gotta love the anime eyes on the cars – are those going to be lenticular?

  • Roswell says:

    cool, anyone else notice the 3 diferent Dj’s in the big pic at the end,
    regular Dj,
    Modified Blue Dj (at the back)
    and the black Dj to the right

    • BigMOCats says:

      Something tells me if they are all Toyota bB’s (Scions to us Americans)they would not all be named DJ. Also, I don’t think Boost is a GT-R since the movie came a few years before the final GT-R was designed. Possibly a Skyline, but I always thought it more of a Toyota, Supra maybe. In another thread Wingo was thought to be a 370Z, again a model released after the movie. Could be a 350Z but I’ve always thought Nissan Silvia, a 240sx to us Americans. As for Snot Rod, definitely a Cuda/Challenger who in the real world would never be caught cruising with a bunch of ricers.

      • toyotakitten says:

        well a real GTR is a skyline =) GTRs have been around since the 90s. it just depends if you are talkin about the R32 or R34 =) sorry car geek here. too much Initial D back in 2001!

        but yea DJ is actually a mix of japanese sport wagons. SULLY MONSTER TRUCK is a real Toyota bB (first gen Scion xB). look at the doors, windows and back taillights of SULLY – TOTALLY A SCION XB! =)

        • BigMOCats says:

          Oh I realize that, know all about the Skyline GT-Rs, I just don’t think that when people mention “GT-R” these days, as most DON’T know what a Skyline is. My son is building 240sx turbo, Silvia front clip, JUN hood and deck, 5-lug conversion with Skyline wheels for the track, Super Advans for the street. BTW – he also drive’s an xB with bB badges.

  • Tokyo Mater says:

    First! TM rocks!

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