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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mater Tall Tales Addition – It’s Official – The Greatest Diecast Line EVER

WE can call it.

Friday, 2/6/2009 – 12:01 AM.

Now, the greatest diecast line ever.

The CARS line went from really nice to amazing to now, birth-of-universe bright dazzling you get when a billion Suns are born … usually the auxiliary lines are really ancillary – life is fine without them, they’re cute but you’ll live without them but NOT in this case …

We’re only a month into 2009, first the Hauler line and now the first of 4 Mater Tall Tales added to the lineup – now officially making it the greatest diecast line ever based on artistry, depth and breath of selection and production quality …

There’s something in it for everyone …

BUT before you can read and look at this post.

First, swaddle yourself because if you drool on your keyboard, you might short it out. As an doctor (well, the kind where you print out your diploma), I also advice you not to be eating or drinking anything as you scroll down as it’s disgusting if you cough up a mini donut onto your computer monitor.

Some of you might need a paper bag handy if you are prone to hyperventilating. If you are likely to fall off your chair, have your worker comp forms handy so you can have cash in hand and time to stand in line.

Other employees might not appreciate shouts of woohoo and hugging or other inappropriate touching. Sadly, we still live in a time where CARS diecast spontaneous celebration is not a checkmark item that is acceptable.

Also, no, I do not know the exact minute, date or EVEN month when these will be out but sometime in June? As soon as I know, I will resuscitate you and then let you know.

Some of these are singles, some are megasize and some are 4-packs.

These are NOT, NOT, NOT Exclusives so you will be able to buy them anywhere where CARS are sold.

Though good freakin’ luck finding these on the shelves …

This made me laugh. It looks funny. It is funny. Burnt stuff funny.

I may have to take off the swearing filter on this post 🙂


You could sell an unpainted McQueen with three rockets and people would buy it … but this? How badddassssss is this CAR? This is the All-American car … My engines too big, I get pushed out of shape and it’s hard to steer but three big freakin’ rockets painted red, white and blue will help whatever the problem 🙂

The only way to make this greater would be if you could light the rockets, it would zoom up in the sky and on its way down, set things on fire. That would make people forget the Sarge LEAD problem … I’m just saying 🙂


If this new Mater is not at Disneyland parade on the 4th of July, I will cry … not out loud – just tears of sadness …


Seen one diecast CAR with a rocket, seen them all … so yea, don’t bother buying Mater with rocket, just leave it on the shelf … I’ll buy it for you out of pity.


I don’t think my real car is this detailed. I do however have a giant wick coming out of the back window …


Of course, what’s stunt dude without some Pitty’s?

And of course, two buck teeth for one buck …


Part of a 4-pack … note the attention to details … the forks of the Pitty’s tuck into the sign …


Great capturing of the expressions … it’s three dimensional art that rolls …

Close up … I guess that would be a tail hook? Please only make comments that kids will not understand 🙂

Aviator Mater

Don’t worry – Stunt Barney Stormin’s is coming also …

Megasize packaging …

Yea, these are of limited appeal …

… for aliens from another planet (They only want the rocket ones) …

otherwise, how can you resist hilarity, artistry, coolness, awesomeness and to witness the birth of a universe? Daaaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

And of course, this is only 1 of 4 more CARS TOONS releases so remember to stimulus the economy this summer …

This was the original list of Mater the Greater diecasts … this list might change as I cannot see how they would fit scared daredevil McQueen into a single blister … but the rest of the list looks like it’s falling into place.

There’s something in this line for everyone … as long as you appreciate fun, artistry, quality, & choice on wheels … you have choosen well my friend and you shall be rewarded … though you will need to take an oath of poverty … but Burnt CARS will soon be yours for all the days that end in Y (and total consciousness).



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