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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: International Stacy

BigMatt56 found this in the flagship TRU in Times Square …


This looks like an international Stacy snuck into a regular box? I don’t think anyone else has seen this?


Yea, I think that is all legalese in every language other than Sumarian.


And for int’l customers, if you have have a giant question or thinking Mattel is a giant question mark, there is your url to visit to … er, say hi? …


While the design motif of using the character on the ticket is smart, so they don’t have to put the name on the ticket – thus necessitating the name in EVERY language EVERY “ticket,” but repeating the top graphic doesn’t make much sense in a design sense but it is the simplest and laziest out. So conceptually fine but design-wise execution-wise … could be better.

Thanks for the pics, BigMatt56 …

But our local WM has that international feel (in one sense) … the first CARS on the shelf in months … guess they found the autumn pallet … maybe next month, they’ll open the CASE W endcap.


Happy Labor Day?

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