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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Leroy Traffik Mystery Solved!

There has been much discussion about the mattress that Leroy Traffik carries through several scenes in film … but the answer is in the film 🙂


Here is his biggest front-and-center scene as he passes “sleepy” Mack … as the camera pivots around, we see Leroy pulls off to the truck stop … the truck stop that Mack desperately wants to stop at also.


There he is at the bottom right …

As he pulls up a spot, he …


He pitches his mattress forward …


This of course, all takes places in a few seconds …


There is one additional shot where the mattress is lying flat on the ground and he seems to edge forward but then we drive by the scene and we cannot see actually see the next sequence just on Leroy … but it seems that unlike other CARS, he prefers to sleep at night on a mattress … maybe because he has the bum leg (tire) so he needs a mattress to rest his tired tyres (a shout out to the UKers out there 🙂 ).

Not absolute proof but pretty convincing … sort of like taking a backpack off your back and throwing it on the ground. What are you going to do next? Why did Leroy throw the mattress off his roof? To er, use it as a mattress to rest his tired joints … so there.

Mystery solved. It’s a mattress … used as a … mattress.


And of course, what’s a Leroy Traffik post without a showcase of the brilliant diecast.

Again, he is funny, cute and cool all rolled into one.

First, who sells a diecast of a car that has about a total of 5-seconds of screen time combined?

Who sells a mini-van?

Who sells a mini van with a mattress on top?

Who sells a mini van with a detailed mattress on top?

Who sells a mini van with a detailed mattress on top AND with an accurate tiny spare tire?

Who sells a mini van with a detailed mattress on top, an accurate tiny spare tire BUT he still rolls as just as fast as any other CAR?

Only Mattel.

Who would go to all this trouble to sculpt a tiny replica that works and looks perfect?

Only Martin & his team.

Only for THIS diecast line do qet every quirky CAR and every quirky CAR done right.


Wicked cool.


So, now you know …

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  • Michael says:

    Nice work with the frozen screens, I’ve never noticed that in all of my son’s viewings.

    They other day I saw someone in a minivan on Toronto’s 401 hauling a mattress in this fashion and immediately thought of “Cars”, of course. Only, theirs was much closer to tearing away .. the front was easily a meter from the roof of the car.

  • Nascarfan says:

    One of the few cars I have that are not “Racing related” in my collection. Which started me to collect cars that were unique to this line.

  • iWANTit says:

    where can you actually buy it? that is my girlfriend’s favorite character in the movie, and i’ve been looking everywhere for years, but not luck.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    the real mystery is what kind of stains are those on his mattress…..

  • King of Cars says:

    Whoa, talking about small details in the movie….
    It’s amazing that you can discover (with a little help 🙂 ) new things in a movie thats a couple of years old and you’ve seen like 300 times…

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