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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Edging Towards Christmas

First, “Edge” says Merry CARS Christmas!



And yes, what you hear off in the far north (or southwest) are the sounds of diesel engines being fired before the tractors take to the sky to deliver presents to all the kiddies (of all ages)  … humm, this doesn’t sound like the Coca Cola commercial – where’s my CARS STORYTELLERS CHRISTMAS TALES reference guide? … oh yeah, hasn’t been printed yet … guess we’ll wait for next year when Mater is Rudolph … whoops, was I suppose to say that out loud?

But remember, Christmas day is Thursday and all through the streets, no delivery service is working so do tally and not dally – start your online clicking and remember to choose 2nd day or overnight mail to get it in your hands by Wednesday, December 24.

Thanks for the great illustrations, “Edge.”

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