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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: A Naval CARS Christmas!

Glenn H. spent some long hard hours at sea defending our shores so … welcome back to land … though his family welcome was a lot nicer 🙂


If it was just the sign, that would be great enough – nicely done art – love the snow on letters typeface – classy, cute and cool – all rolled into one but this is just the beginning. 🙂


Tree looks great – even with CARS tree skirt and a nice sprinkling of CARS …

Okay, maybe not just a sprinkling! 🙂


Now, that is a proper CARS Christmas tree!


Awesome and sweeetttt!!!

While the CARS look well loved and played with, not many dings and as it should be
🙂   … all divided out correctly … all the Pixar parady CARS together in one parking area.  🙂

Great collection and a great family Christmas … hope you get some great and long family time before you have to head back to sea. Thanks for sharing Glenn!


And if you look closely at Mater Tall Tales – Tokyo Drift, you can see ships with eyes so hopefully, your CARS collection can finally have a ship or two 🙂

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