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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Bye Launchers, Say Hello to Wheelers (CASE Update)

The launchers are on the schedule are all still coming … namely the WM 2 (coming next week? Next few weeks? Your guess is as good as anyone working at WM  🙄

Easy Idle 0-27084-71731-0
Shifty Drug 0-27084-71733-4
Tank Coat 0-27084-71730-3
Vitoline 0-27084-71732-7

CASE B is available from your Mattel resellers and contains:

Chick Hicks (1)
Shifty Drug (2)
Tank Coat (1)
Vitoline (2)

When will retailers get them? You tell me 🙂 If they order some from Mattel’s warehouse, they could on the shelves by next week but do they even know it’s out there?

And coming in CASE C – early January?

Easy Idle 0-27084-71731-0
Fiber Fuel 0-27084-71734-1
Mood Springs 0-27084-71735-8

Leaving these as the ‘new’ for CASE D?

Retread 0-27084-71736-5
Shiny Wax 0-27084-71737-2

And then endth of the Pit Row Race Off/Pit Race Off “launchers” as they look now.

In 2009 … WHEELERS …

The launchers were always awkwardly named – “Pit Row Race Off” and then “Pit Race Off,” but now they are neither … they are being discontinued for a new launcher-like item now called “Wheelers.”

No pictures yet but apparently instead of a rectangular launcher doohickey, it’s some sort of tire like motif setup that launches CARS … my guess is it’s something more for kids … however, the CARS are definitely the 1:55 Piston Cup Racers – so just to be clear:

… same CARS

… same scale

… different launching device.

No, I don’t have CASE configurations yet … they might be available in late spring 2009.


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