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Mater’s Tall Tales: Tokyo Drifting – Bolted to BOLT


While BOLT 3D has not been the biggest animated hit for Disney this Fall, in the next few weeks, the last Mater’s Tall Tales will be added as a short in front of the theatrical release.

The “last” Mater’s Tall Tales will run about 6 minutes versus (versus the current 3:00+) and will feature Mater in Tokyo drift racing for ‘pinks.’

I won’t give you spoilers but if you were going to see BOLT in the theaters and can put off for a few more weeks, you’ll have a nice extra bonus …

This might be the last ‘Mater’s Tall Tales” as the animators and illustrators will be busy working on CARS 2 which will take McQueen around the world taking on all comers in different circuits … humm, I wonder if there might be more diecasts to buy 🙂 … but I’m sure if John Lasseter comes with more ideas that don’t work in CARS 2 – he might create another Mater’s Tall Tales short.

So, keep in mind, Mater’s Toyko Drift Tale is NOT running in front of BOLT this weekend – but coming soon!

Original artwork courtesy of Caitlin/FPG. Thanks!

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