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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Luca’s Italian 1:1 Scale Collection (+ Doc & Mater? Now!)

Luca has topped PirateDad’s 1:1 scale Pitty collection with his 1:1 scale … Luigi!


Okay, it’s actually his grandmother’s and according to Wikipedia, they stopped making this in 1975 – man, she’s done a great job on keeping it pristine … guess it’s those nice warm Mediterranean breezes … The Fiat 500’s are still ultra cool looking even after all these years … and it’s even the perfect color!

It looks like a fun car to go ‘drifting’ in 🙂

So, now they have the coolest CARS magazine and now a live Luigi …

Here’s hoping your ’75 car is more Luigi than Fred …

Thanks for the great pics Luca … Grandma won’t mind if a bunch of loud CARS collectors stop by for a spin, eh? 🙂

So, the ante has been upped … who has a Hudson Hornet or Mater in their garage? 🙂

Guess I spoke too soon – Glenn H. sent us a photo of Doc spotted by his son in Kingman, AZ on Route 66 of all places! … looks like Flo’s Cafe across the street 🙂

Hey Monica, looks like we have two of the CARS ready for your CARS Hotel Lobby 🙂

PirateDad & PirateSon submits this as Mater … the rust is impressive and the 2-buck teeth purchased for a buck is excellent but I think it might be Mater’s cousin Moose …

Is that PirateSon giving me the stinkeye? Or maybe just some bad rum candy?

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